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Best Chinese

Best Chinese Restaurants in Richmond, BC

With a population that is 65% Asian and over 50% Chinese, it’s no wonder that Richmond is home to some of the best Chinese food outside of China.

Visitors have no shortage of restaurants to choose from, as there over 400 Chinese restaurants and eateries within the city specializing in cuisines from all eight regions of China.  Whether you’re craving Shanghainese, Cantonese, Szechuan, Taiwanese, or Northern Chinese cuisine, you can find it in Richmond. Critics and visitors agree that Richmond, BC is an unparalleled culinary destination for Chinese food. In 2016, 17 Richmond restaurants won the Chinese Restaurant People’s Choice Awards out of 21 categories and 5 Richmond restaurants won the Critics’ Choice Awards out of 10 categories.

Dining out is an important part of modern Chinese culture and this is apparent when visiting any popular restaurant in Richmond. Many establishments see lineups every day, from opening to closing, regardless of the size of the restaurant. Some of the best restaurants are hidden gems, frequented by locals. A great example of this is HK BBQ Master, hidden away in a parking garage on No. 3 Road. Owner Chef Eric Leung trained in Hong Kong since he was a teenager and now serves some of the most authentic and fresh barbecued meats in Richmond. Lineups start before the shop even opens, with some meats selling out before the end of the day.  

If you are craving spicy food, visit Golden Szechuan on No. 3 Road, but be warned, Szechuan food is not for the faint of heart. Many of their specialties are covered in spicy Szechuan peppercorns. For more up-scale dining, Su Hang is a smaller Shanghainese restaurant with personalized service. Call a day in advance to order their Beggar’s Chicken, a stuffed chicken dish baked in dough that can take more than6 hours to prepare but is worth the advance planning once you taste this mouth-watering dish. 

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