Aberdeen Centre Food Court
Aberdeen Centre Food Court

Cheap Eats in Richmond, BC

When people think of typical food courts in North America, fast-food and restaurant chains often come to mind. However, most of the food courts in Richmond, BC are an exception to this – that’s what makes the city so special. Hidden away in the most unexpected places are unique food courts occupied by mom and pop food stalls. Of Richmond’s 800 restaurants, some of the best eateries can be found within these food courts featuring various cuisines ranging from Shanghainese and Japanese to Vietnamese and Taiwanese, and much more.

An extensive 800-seat food court can be found at Aberdeen Centre, one of North America’s largest Asian malls. With more than 20 food stalls at this location, visitors can satisfy almost any Asian food craving. Local favourites include Hainanese chicken rice at Café D’Lite, bubble waffles at Bubble Waffle Café, spicy dumplings at Szechuan House, and authentic Japanese Tonkatsu pork cutlets at Saboten Japanese Cuisine.

If you’re craving dumplings, one of the best places to go is R&H Chinese Food in Lansdowne Centre’s food court. The clear standouts from this family-owned food stall are the xiao long bao or soup dumplings. The experienced chefs at R&H Chinese Food roll out each dumpling by hand, preparing dishes fresh upon order. Within each xiao long bao is steaming hot soup with pork filling.

For another hidden gem, visit the food court on the top level of the Richmond Public Market. This dining spot is popular among locals, with inexpensive but high quality and authentic eats. At Xi’an Cuisine, Chef Duan is well-known for his hand-pulled noodles. After placing your order, watch as he expertly stretches a thick ball of dough into noodles. Dessert lovers can also pick up traditional Taiwanese custard wheel cakes at Peanuts, or bubble tea at QQ Bubble Tea & Coffee.

These food court gems serve some of the most delicious and authentic food, but at very affordable prices. Don’t be fooled by the low prices – most of the dishes served at these locations are very filling and come in huge portions!

More inexpensive eats can be found all over Richmond, with many meals priced at $10 or less. Located conveniently by the Canada Line’s Brighouse Station is Pepper Lunch, a Japanese restaurant chain, where your meal is served on a sizzling iron plate or teppan.  And not far from Pepper Lunch, you can make a stop at Memory Corner for authentic Taiwanese food and bubble tea. Be sure to try their special “Old Memory” milk tea as well as their award-winning Taiwanese meat sauce on rice.

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