At Tourism Richmond, we have the opportunity to define how we will positively impact our environment and generate benefits for our community — which is at the core of what we do. We want to inspire our visitors and community to join us in building a tourism sector that has a profoundly positive, dynamic, and regenerative impact in Richmond. The visitor economy can be a beacon for beneficial change — and we aim to be a pioneer in this future-thinking transformation.


A healthy visitor economy — like a healthy planet — successfully maintains and renews itself without damaging its location or environment. We acknowledge that sustainability is only a piece of the regenerative approach. A regenerative tourism strategy goes much further by maximizing and deepening the positive effects of tourism throughout the community.

This starts with recognizing and remedying any negative impacts of tourism, and then building and nurturing its far-reaching benefits. We are committed to evaluating and improving our personal business practices and working to create accessibility to sustainable practices for our visitors and stakeholders.


Caring for one another is the heart of a thriving community. And caring starts with recognizing and respecting the modern-day multiplicity of our city as well as the wider world — we acknowledge that diversity and inclusion must be taken into consideration in everything we do.

We believe that a regenerative future thrives best in a diverse society — and tourism can be a powerful catalyst for supporting and inspiring this enriching environment. Every individual should be welcomed and respected in Richmond. And we will work ceaselessly to build, grow and deepen equity and inclusion in everything we do.

What We’re Working On

We launched into our new direction by joining the BC Green Business program which has helped us adopt sustainable workplace practices, and granted us Gold Certification. Separately, we have also undertaken an internal carbon audit with Synergy Enterprises. We are directly addressing the challenges of carbon neutrality and we are working on solutions to improve our carbon usage through best business practices.  

The power of change lies within the strength of the community. We aim to create a platform where our stakeholders can feel empowered to embark on regenerative strategies. We have created a Regenerative Tourism Grant Program designed to offer support to our stakeholders in promoting positive change and impact on their businesses.

But this is just the beginning. Tourism Richmond’s dedication to regenerative tourism will deepen and flourish over the coming years. And we will work to continue bringing significant, ever-increasing benefits to our visitors, our community, and our wider world.