Service Awards
Service Awards

Tourism Richmond Service Awards

The Tourism Richmond Service Awards recognized people, businesses and companies who demonstrated outstanding service and/or hospitality. The program was based on receiving nominations from Richmond visitors who had experienced exceptional service. Nominations received were submitted to a panel of 3 judges who carefully chose a monthly winner, with each monthly winner going forward in the selection for an overall annual recipient. The panel of judges was comprised of members from different tourism sectors. The monthly recipient was presented with a certificate of recognition and gifts from program supporters.

The program as delivered by Tourism Richmond has now concluded. We congratulate all past winners on their achievements and thank all past sponsors for helping us recognize the best providers of service to our destination’s visitors. Please see below for a list of all 2017 nominees. Thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellent and outstanding service!

2017 Service Award Nominees

  • Amanda, Accent Inn
  • Eunice, Accent Inn
  • Jaci, Accent Inn
  • Manda, Accent Inn
  • Jacky, Accent Inn
  • Della W., Four Points Richmond
  • Even, Four Points Richmond
  • Falco, Four Points Richmond
  • Jason, Four Points Richmond
  • Ricky, Four Points Richmond
  • Shannon, Four Points Richmond
  • Cindy B., Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Joel K., Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Laura B., Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Telmo S., Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Nancy C., Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Rovert C., Harbour Air Seaplanes
  • Omar A., Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel
  • Victor D., Holiday Inn Express
  • Gladys, Holiday Inn Express Riverport
  • PK, Holiday Inn Express Riverport
  • Teresa, Holiday Inn Express Riverport
  • Jatinder S., Marquise YVR Airport
  • Jessica R., Marriott Vancouver Airport Hotel
  • Taylor H., O’Hare’s GastroPub
  • Emily C., Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Tim M., Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Brenda, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Brodi, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Cameron, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Jag D., Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Jennifer X., Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Jerlyn H., Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Jillian, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Larissa, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Marlene, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Michael G., Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Mike L., Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Parmender K., Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Raj, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Serena, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Taylor, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Treva, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Yin, Pacific Gateway Hotel
  • Denis S., Pepper Lunch Canada
  • Heidi, Pier 73
  • Janine, Pier 73
  • Krist VS., Pier 73
  • Lee Anne, Pier 73
  • Liz, Pier 73
  • Rob, Pier 73
  • Sally, Pier 73
  • Yvonne, Pier 73
  • Asuka S., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Billy W., River Rock Casino Resort
  • David L., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Evelyn B., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Leah H., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Martin L., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Mike W., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Robert C., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Scott B., River Rock Casino Resort
  • Elad D., Universal Coach Lines

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