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Service Awards Gala
Service Awards Gala

2016 Service Awards Gala

The 2016 Service Awards Gala was held at River Rock Casino Resort on Monday, June 6th, 2016. We are happy to announce the winners in each of the four categories and our 2015 Monthly Extra Mile winners. 

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners!

Travel and Transportation

Nominee: Susan Shroud, British Airways
Nominee: Edmund Kwan, Universal Coach Line
Nominee: Joan Colvin, Vancouver Airport Authority

Winner: Joan Colvin, Vancouver Airport Authority
At the end of a call out of the Summer Support Crew, Joan saw a passenger in a wheelchair alone at the carousel. She was attempting to get out of her wheelchair to get close enough to get her bag off when it came around. Realizing that this was not going to end well for her, Joan took it upon herself to assist in finding it. Joan went to the arrivals area and found her daughter who was waiting to pick her up and explained the situation. Joan then returned and assisted her with filling out a lost bag form. Talk about prepared for everything! Once the form was completed, Joan accompanied the passenger out to meet her daughter. In total, helping this passenger took an hour. Throughout the ordeal, Joan made the effort not only to sort the situation out, but helped the customer remain calm during a very stressful situation. 


Nominee: Eladio (JoJo) Eugenio - River Rock Casino Resort
Nominee: Susie Sidhu - River Rock Casino Resort
Nominee: Leah Hilyer - River Rock Casino Resort 

Winner: Eladio (JoJo) Eugenio, River Rock Casino Resort
When you are finished playing a machine at the casino you can press the "cashout" button. The machine will print an IVS ticket out and those tickets may be transferred from machine to machine or can be cashed out with the cashiers at the cage. There was a particular time last year where the IVS tickets weren't going into the slot machines and this caused a huge line up at the cage of frustrated and upset guests trying to redeem their respective tickets.

Jojo stepped up the game by buying some coins from his float and started going patron to patron closest to the cage to have their IVS tickets changed into cash. Jojo did not only change their tickets, but also diverted their frustration by asking how they are and apologizing for the inconvenience. By personally apologizing to the guests he showed his commitment to the River Rock and its integrity. Jojo took a personal risk but thought about the guests first instead. He created a positive experience for the guests in managing the line in a fest efficient manner which results in the guests staying and playing even more!

Food and Beverage

Nominee: Karthik Shan, Tramonto - River Rock Casino Resort
Nominee: Marina Grkinic, Pier 73 - Pacific Gateway Hotel
Nominee: Thomas O'Connor, CAVU Kitchen Bar - Hilton Vancouver Airport

Winner: Karthik Shan, Tramonto at the River Rock Casino Resort
A guest from Montreal loves to dine at Tramonto when in town. Karthik saw he had a bunch of upcoming reservations. The guest always orders the rack of lamb and likes mint jelly to go with it. Unfortunately, the current suppliers do not carry the brand of mint jelly that this customer likes. Karthik went out of his way to purchase a jar of mint jelly for the customer. He had to go to two different stores in order to find it. When asked if Karthik wanted to be reimbursed for the jar, he said it was not necessary. Karthik went out of his way in order to provide exceptional service for a repeat Richmond visitor. "


Nominee: Rachel Chang, River Rock Casino Resort
Nominee: Vivian Cheng, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
Nominee: Dante Zhiqi Yang, Days Inn Vancouver Airport

Winner: Vivian Cheng, Sheraton Vancovuer Airport Hotel
Vivian's nomination was submitted online and reads: I just wanted to share with you what a delightful and warm reception that I was given last evening checking in. Vivian Cheng was so attentive and welcoming after a 5 hour flight and 30 minute wait in the pouring rain for my shuttle. Vivian checked me in and was so organized. Believe it or not she even noticed that I had cut my finger and she went above and beyond and got me band aids. Your hiring practices are serving you well as it's the first impression of any hotel that resonate the longest. I will return because of the experience Vivian had provided. If you have a recognition program I nominate Vivian! 

Extra Mile Awards

Nominee: Treva Martel, Pier 73 - Pacific Gateway Hotel
Nominee: David Cummings, Marquise
Nominee: Dawn Coates, Marquise
Nominee: Brittany Mayo, Harbour Air Seaplanes
Nominee: Aerocar Service 
Nominee: Todd Prucyk, River Rock Casino Resort 
Nominee: Jason Young, Pier 73 - Pacific Gateway Hotel
Nominee: Angela Hilton, Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport
Nominee: Jeremy Flewelling, Fairmont Vancouver Airport
Nominee: Jackie Early, Marquise

Winner: Aerocar Service 
This is a superb example of customer service done right. The nomination was first submitted to us in the form of a blog of the travelers experience. Some of it reads:

"This summer, I did the impossible and took my kids alone to visit my mom in Nova Scotia. Fast forward, and we're on our way home. From the time we left the motel until we got back to YVR was more than 12 hours. Both kids were over tired so when we landed I opted for the airport limo service. We took Aerocar Service - we were in an SUV and the kids loved the ride. Home sweet home! We dumped the bags in the middle of the floor and I started getting the kids ready for bed. We then realized we could not my son Nathan's monkey! We had the monkey, in his arms when we left the airport so where could it be!? I emailed Aerocar Service and was overwhelmed by the series of responses I got. They took every effort to locate the monkey but in the end he was not found."

Aerocar Service went above and beyond and replaced the boy's monkeys. They sent the monkeys first class with UPS - two boxes - one green one red. There were two brothers involved in this story so they said there was a monkey for each son. A monkey for their beds and a monkey to travel with them! They included a message that said "I hope your two boys will make some fond memories with their new travelling companions". The traveler concluded that she was so overwhelmed with the joy at the care and attention this company was taking that she cried and cried thinking about it again while writing the blog!

Tourism Spirit Award

Winner: Lee Man
Tourism Richmond is pleased to present our Tourism Spirit Award to one of Richmond's most vocal champions of our world-renowned Chinese culinary scene - Lee Man. Lee has undertaken hosting Canadian and international media with us. He understands that our outstanding food is a huge draw for visitors. He takes part in our media programs, initiatives, and campaigns and has been a great supporter of what we do. His extensive knowledge is mind-boggling and we are so pleased for his support of Tourism Richmond and his enthusiastic spirit of the culinary scene in Richmond!

Tourism Partner Award

Winner: CF Richmond Centre
The recipient of the 2015 Tourism Partner Award is the epitome of a giving partner who cares about the hospitality and tourism industry in Richmond. This partner has played an integral role in Tourism Richmond's Service Awards program, offering support, guidance, encouragement and staff to sit on the Service Awards Committee. They provide gifts to the monthly winners and finalists - they recognize the value in honouring those that provide Richmond with great service. This organization understands and sees the return on investment in growing tourism opportunities. They thrive on working together and see the importance of sustaining powerful partnerships in our industry to continue to succeed as a destination. Tourism Richmond presents the 2015 Tourism Partner of the Year Award to CF Richmond Centre.

If you received great service in Richmond, BC, please nominate someone today!