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Value of Tourism

Value of Tourism

Throughout 2015, Tourism Richmond conducted studies on the impact of tourism to provide information about our visitors and visitor economy.  It has been reported that the number of overnight visitors to Metro Vancouver was approximately 8.9 million in 2015.  Just over 2.8 million of these visitors stayed overnight in Richmond, accounting for 30% of the visitors in Metro Vancouver.  The direct impact of these visitors to our community provided for 13,800 full time jobs, $454 million in incomes and $1.2 billion in economic output.

Ongoing Direct Economic Impact of Richmond’s Tourism Sector:

  • 13,800 full-time equivalents (FTEs)
  • $454 million in incomes
  • $637 million in gross domestic product (GDP)
  • $1.2 billion in economic output

Preserving Richmond’s Heritage  

Richmond’s unique historical and cultural resources are major tourism attractions. Tourism fosters awareness of and engagement with local cultural and historic resources by residents, community leaders, businesses and governments. Taking care of our unique historical and cultural assets is key to growing tourism revenues that support communities and ultimately increases the quality of life for local residents.

Steveston is a location unlike any other. Rich in history and culture, the area is an attraction for local, national, and international tourists alike. Some come to experience the ongoing maritime traditions that are maintained by Canada’s largest fishing fleet, some come for the historical significance of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and Britannia Shipyards, and others arrive to star gaze during filming days of popular film and television productions. All of these diverse visitors help keep this historical area alive with their continued interest and the dollars they spend.  

Community Pride and Amenities

Tourism has the ability to connect different aspects of a community, with the cooperation of local government, business leaders, destination marketing organizations, and citizens alike. Working together to offer a positive experience to visitors usually includes steps to improve residential infrastructure and amenities, and often leads to increased community pride and engagement.

Tourism Richmond helps to enhance and make communities more livable and welcoming by working with stakeholders, such as the City of Richmond, to keep tourism areas vibrant and providing support for amenities, programs and services enjoyed by residents and tourists. Appreciation by visitors stimulates local engagement and awareness, support of local celebrations and renewal of culture and traditions.

Support among all groups for local festivals and attractions has led to the ongoing development seen in the Canada Day Salmon Festival, Ships to Shore, Tall Ships Festival, and the creation of  new festivals and venues such as the Richmond World Festival and the Richmond Olympic Experience.