What’s good for tourism is good for the Richmond economy and locals – and vice versa. Every two years, Tourism Richmond conducts a Visitor Volume Study to determine the overall visitor volume and expenditure estimates, as well as gain valuable insights into visitor and trip characteristics. This year, we developed specific survey questions to ask Richmond residents to gauge their thoughts on tourism in Richmond.

Using the trusted Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey tool, Tourism Richmond developed survey questions for Richmond residents to determine if they were promotors or detractors of the destination. Those who answered questions with a 9 or 10 were considered promotors, and those with a response of 7 or below were considered detractors. Here’s a recap of our Richmond resident findings:

Likelihood to recommend Richmond as a destination

  • 35 per cent of Richmond residents interviewed were likely to recommend Richmond as a travel destination to their family and friends
  • 73 per cent of Richmond residents felt tourism was important to Richmond’s economy
  • 74 per cent of Richmond residents hosted guests more than once over the past year
  • 49 per cent of Richmond residents had visitors from outside Metro Vancouver spend at least one night with them

These results paint a clear picture of the importance of the Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) market. It also tells us that residents are actively promoting Richmond as a travel destination, which is great news all around.

We’re excited to share the results as they become available of our 2017 Visitor Volume Study. Keep a look out for updates in our upcoming newsletters!