We are pleased to announce that we have awarded our first Pacific. Authentic. Scholarship.

The main objective of the scholarship is to support the development and marketing of a new partnered tourism experience through financial investment and mentorship opportunities.

The recipient of the inaugural award is The Steveston Heritage Tour, created in partnership by:

The Steveston Heritage Tour is a unique experience tying four of Steveston’s historical sites into a progressive story led by a professional interpreter, paired with local cuisines, tastings and craft brews. This partnered experience is designed to attract international, authentic explorers who have an interest in visiting cultural sites in the historic fishing village.

The highly anticipated tour will be launched in the fall, with two tours happening in September and October this year. Tourism Richmond will aid in ongoing project management, marketing coaching and support.

The Pacific. Authentic. Scholarship 2019 will be accepting applications starting on September 4th, 2018.

Applications open: September 4, 2018.
Application deadline: November 30, 2018