Our Travel Afar. Near. in Richmond BC campaign launched earlier this summer, intending to inspire visitation by residents of Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and other communities throughout BC. The campaign highlighted iconic Richmond landmarks such as Steveston and the historic sites, nature and eco tours, and the city’s diverse culinary scene. Images and copy focusing on the experiences that make Richmond unique appeared in search, social media channels, digital advertising via video and display ads, out-of-home advertising, newspaper advertorials, and earned media. 15 and 30 second videos, such as the one below, were produced and aired as video ads on channels such as YouTube.

The Results So Far

To date, the campaign has generated over 8.4 million impressions within British Columbia and over 22,000 visits to the campaign landing page. You may have spotted some of our creatives in your social media feeds, but if not, here’s a snapshot of what’s out there.

Travel Afar. Near. Campaign Creative

The campaign will continue into the fall with some updates to the ad creative. To best take advantage of our marketing efforts, we encourage you to keep your Tourism Richmond listings up to date on our website, and to claim your Google and TripAdvisor listings!