While 2020 was a challenging year, Tourism Richmond’s marketing highlights reflect our ongoing commitment to collaboration and building partnerships as part of “Team Richmond”, and to leveraging learnings and best practices to make our campaigns efficient and effective.

Highlights from last year:

1. Launch of We Are Richmond BC. Tourism Richmond partnered with the City and Richmond Chamber of Commerce to create a new microsite, We Are Richmond BC, to engage residents and to support and showcase our stakeholders. This site acted as a hub for Richmond residents to get information on local businesses, resources, and events and activities. The launch was also supported by a video featuring Mayor Brodie, our CEO Nancy Small, and the Chamber’s former CEO Matt Pitcairn.

The We Are Richmond BC microsite was successful in engaging both Richmond and Lower Mainland residents, generating high traffic following its launch, with over 3,800 visitors to the site and nearly 8,00 page views.

2. Booking Campaign Delivered Record Results. Our 2020 booking campaign, run in partnership with the Richmond Hotel Association and supported by our strongest-ever offer (up to $325 in AMEX gift cards depending on the property and length of stay), delivered incredible results. The bookings helped drive the Transient Occupancy Rate to a peak of 16.5% in late August and early September. For comparison, the Transient Occupancy Rate averaged 9.9% from April to December 2020. 

Marketing Highlights - Hotel Booking Campaign

3. Summer Restart Campaign Exceeds Targets for KPIs. In July, we launched the “Travel Afar. Near.” campaign, inviting BC residents (with a focus on Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley) to discover the culinary, cultural, and outdoor experiences that Richmond has to offer. The media plan included print (newspaper), out-of-home billboards, as well as digital media tactics (video, display, social). The campaign was successful, exceeding our target or benchmarks on key performance indicators.

  • Our video ads performed extremely well, delivering video completion rates (% of people that watch all of the video without skipping it) well above benchmark.
  • Our top-performing videos were “Flavours 30” and “Roam 30” - both had a completion rate of 59% on YouTube, while all video ads had a completion rate above 50%.




Performance Commentary

Campaign Impressions

>41 million

  • Overall paid media activities delivered over 41 million impressions.

Completed Video Views

>2.3 million

  • Outperformed target. Video ads achieved a significantly higher completion rate (video fully played rate) vs. Target. 
  • For example on YouTube the completion rate was 53%, compared to a benchmark of 40%.

Learn/Plan Digital Ads: Response Rate

(paid digital & social ads encouraging the target audience to click through to our campaign landing page)

  • Native Ads: 0.39%
  • Paid Social: 1.22%
  • Display: 0.24%

 Campaign Targets

  • Native Ads: 0.20%
  • Paid Social: 0.50%
  • Display: 0.20%

Learnings from previous campaigns enabled us to improve our media plan and targeting, resulting in response rates (and clicks to our website) being above benchmark.

  • As a result, we were able to drive more traffic to our website more efficiently (i.e. at a lower cost-per-visit) versus target.


Summer Campaign Creative Samples

Marketing Highlights - Display Ads

Digital Display Ads

Marketing Highlights - Summer Campaign Creative Samples

Paid Social Ads