Do you have a bright idea for a tourism experience or event, but you don’t have all the funds and partners available to make it happen? We may be able to help!

The Pacific. Authentic. Scholarship has been created to help those bright ideas become a reality. Tourism Richmond will not only invest up to $20,000 -yes $20,000 - into the experience/event, we will also act as mentors to deepen your travel industry expertise, and to expand your marketing capabilities.

Earlier this year, Tourism Richmond awarded the very first scholarship to a group of Steveston attractions with the vision to create a unique experience telling the tale of the village’s past.This vision is soon to become reality with the first tour on October 6th. To set the group up for success, the scholarship has paid towards creating a promotional video, photography and digital and traditional marketing, and it has also helped fund the experience’s development.

  How do you get in on this? There’re some criteria that your experience/event must meet to be applicable, and if you meet these criteria your application will be judged, and the lucky winner will be announced at the end of this year to start their experience/event in 2019.

To qualify for the Pacific. Authentic. Scholarship, the initiative must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a new, or less than 12 months old, partnered tourism experience based in Richmond. If an existing experience/attraction, the experience must be enhanced in some way.
  • Must be a partnered experience/initiative involving investment from two or more tourism-primary businesses/organizations based in Richmond.
  • All partners must allot dedicated time to the initiative
  • Must have a business strategy
  • Aim to be export ready in two years
  • Have one call to action – one landing page, one creative, one concept that unifies partners
  • Marketing must be trackable – preferably digital, however traditional marketing will be considered
  • Align with Tourism Richmond’s strategic plan and target markets (British Columbia (excluding the Lower Mainland), Alberta, Washington State and China). Some budget will be allocated to local advertising within the first 24 months.
  • Attracts incremental visitors from outside the local area
  • Operates in the shoulder season as well as peak season
  • Partners are required to collaborate on all aspects of the initiative, from marketing planning and execution to business development.

Okay, so now maybe you are thinking that your idea does not fit into the criteria. Well if it doesn’t reach all criteria, or you don’t have the partners to collaborate with, or you don’t know where to start, don’t worry just get in touch and we can discuss.

Not quite there with your idea? Take some inspiration from these other tourism experiences and events:

A unique dining experience in Nova Scotia allows visitors to not only dine on the ocean floor during the low tide, but also learn about the park’s flora and fauna. This is a joint venture with a park, restaurant, winery, farm and brewery. 

Do a spot of birding during your layover on this tour Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This tour allows travellers to enjoy the nature and birding close to the airport.

Gaze at the stars during the ‘shoulder season’ in Jasper. This 10-day festival draws crowds during a slow season in the area. Numerous events make up the Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Combining art with food; what could be better? This tour takes in public art and street art with local specialties.

Click here to find out more about the scholarship, or contact Ceri Chong at directly with your idea.