Dear Team Richmond,

Today is my first day as Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Richmond. I’m excited to be here and am eager to get out and meet all of you in the coming months.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors and the team for their hard work over the last few months – and for their warm welcome.

I’ve now taken part in a couple of presentations by Eric Miller, Tourism Richmond’s research & marketing strategist, where he shared the 2017 Visitor Volume Survey results with stakeholders. The tourism sector in Richmond has incredible momentum. Its positive economic impact is felt across the city in every industry. Whether you work in a hotel, a restaurant, retail, or any other vertical sector, you’ll feel the impact of tourism throughout the year.

The 2018 to 2020 strategy was a roadmap produced by the team last year, and it’s a good one. While I certainly won’t be making any big changes, I recognize the need for flexibility and adaptability. I plan on taking my time to dig into the research and understand how the destination brand has been leveraged since its inception.

So, it’s my goal in the beginning of my tenure to really get to know the team, the Richmond tourism industry and you – our stakeholders. I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping to continue the strong partnership we’ve come to know as Team Richmond.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at I look forward to working with you.



Nancy Small, Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Richmond

Nancy Small
Tourism Richmond Team Member
Chief Executive Officer