Dear Team Richmond,

Spring is here! Or is it summer? The amazing weather we’ve gotten makes it hard to distinguish. As we approach the midway point in the year and just before we get into high season, I’d like to take a moment to look at how we got here.

Pacific. Authentic. Richmond, BC Ad Campaign

We launched our Pacific. Authentic. Richmond, BC ad campaign early in the year. The campaign focused on three key areas:

  • Stage 1: Inspire – We’ve tailored content to inspire would-be visitors to choose Richmond as their next destination. Tactics include having our commercials run on Connected TV such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, YouTube, a targeted online advertising campaign and more.
  • Stage 2: Learn/Plan – Now that we’ve got their attention, tactics in this stage have one goal: to drive the audience to learn more about the attractions, events and things to do in Richmond. Year to date, our digital campaign has resulted in over 80,000 visits to
  • Stage 3: Act – This is where we’re really driving home the message to book your hotel and activities now. In-market tactics have already driven nearly 700 qualified visitors to the hotels section of our website, where people are researching places to stay in Richmond.

From having our commercials featured on the Vancouver Visitor TV network, running in over 25 hotels in Metro Vancouver, to having digital ads targeting travelers who have booked a flight to Vancouver on Air Canada’s website, targeted activities like this help promote Richmond as a unique part of the Metro Vancouver experience.

Tourism Ambassadors Program

2019 Tourism Ambassadors

In January, we launched the Richmond Tourism Ambassador program to engage locals and give them a chance to share their love of Richmond with visitors. We looked for friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable volunteers to give a warm Richmond welcome to visitors year-round.

Headed by Lori Gelz, our visitor services & engagement manager, we’ve engaged four amazing locals as Tourism Ambassadors and have trained them up to be ready for the busy summer season. Look for our Tourism Ambassadors in their green branded vests and jackets at the Richmond Oval during major sporting events, on select days at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, at hotels during conferences and events or peak season, at festivals and other events where we can engage with visitors.

As always, I welcome open dialogue and thoughtful questions from you – my door is always open.


Nancy Small
Tourism Richmond Team Member
Chief Executive Officer