Dear Team Richmond,

As we enter the last stretch of the year, I’d like to take some time to reflect on some things since I’ve been here. I’ve not been here a full sixty days yet, but it’s clear to me that Team Richmond takes partnerships seriously. In fact, the mention of partnership and collaboration was something that’s come up again and again, in the many conversations I’ve had with stakeholders just in the past month.

Steveston Heritage Experience

When I first heard about the Pacific. Authentic. Scholarship, led by our Industry Development team, I thought it was an amazing program. Then, when it was announced that the Steveston Heritage Experience won the first-ever award of $20,000, I thought they were absolutely the right group to receive the scholarship.

If you haven’t heard of the new experience, it’s a fully-guided, immersive tour led by the talented Andrew Wade who weaves together the history of Steveston and Richmond. He plays a fisherman from the early 1900s, taking visitors to the different historic sites throughout the fishing village. The Steveston Heritage Experience was the brainchild of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, Britannia Shipyards, Steveston Interurban Tram and Steveston Museum. In fact, they came up with this idea during a Remarkable Experiences workshop held in partnership by Destination British Columbia and Tourism Richmond. Don’t miss your chance to go on a guided tour on October 6 – reserve your seats now  because I’m confident it’ll do well!

Alipay + Tourism Richmond partnership

We recently announced our partnership with Alipay, China’s leading third-party online payment solution and this was one partnership I knew would be beneficial for all. China is a very important market to our industry and we’ve seen visitation numbers steadily increase over the years. In 2017 alone, an estimated 1.8 million Chinese visitors spent time in Richmond for either a day trip, or an overnight trip. Their top spending categories included shopping and restaurants.

We believe this partnership with Alipay will help you learn more about the benefits of accepting Alipay at your businesses. The team at Alipay are ready to get your business up with Alipay and to tell you more about the benefits. I encourage you to reach out to Ceri Chong, our industry development manager to see how this new partnership can work for you.

Stakeholder Campaigns

During my time at Tourism Burnaby, one of my favourite things to see was to watch how organizations came together to put on events—and then of course, going to experience the event itself! Even though we’re wrapping up a summer of festivals, with the extremely successful Richmond World Festival capping off a fantastic end of summer splash, we’re now looking to winter festivals.

We’re using our in-house digital experts to promote winter events through paid marketing campaigns targeted to qualified audiences—that is, we’re retargeting those who have visited the website. This is just one example of how we’re activating one of our strategic pillars, Pivot to Digital. The audiences we’ve captured through various digital marketing tactics throughout the first half of the year are ripe for use, and this is just one example of how we’re using data.

I always welcome thoughtful questions and open dialogue with you – some of our best ideas come from these conversations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My door is always open.


Nancy Small
Tourism Richmond Team Member
Chief Executive Officer