Industry Trends and DataDestination BC, the province’s tourism marketing organization, along with Destination Canada, each month produce data that shows the trends in visitation to the country and province. Although the indicators aren’t specific to Richmond, one can interpret and extrapolate from the data to determine the net effect in our destination and most importantly, how a business in Richmond can take advantage of the trends and boost the local visitor economy.

Hotel Occupancy is Up

The hotel occupancy percentage report for June, 2017 has just been released by *CBRE Hotels’ Trends in the Canadian Hotel Industry. Richmond hotels saw a 91.5% occupancy rate for that month, which is up slightly over June 2016.  The year-to-date (January-June) rate was reported at 80.4%, which continues to be the highest in Canada.

Occupancy rate is the ratio of rooms occupied compared to the total number of rooms available.

As most of our local hotels are almost fully occupied during the summer months, many staying at the hotels are looking for activities in our destination. Businesses looking to leverage the high occupancy in the accommodations sector could look to work with hotels to provide an experience for guests.

Visitors are Spending More in Restaurants

Visitor expenditures in restaurants continue to rise according to the latest Destination BC Tourism Indicators report, with totals recorded from January to March 2017, increasing by 5.3% to approximately $2.5 billion dollars. Given the large number of restaurants in the city of Richmond, coupled with the high occupancy during the summer months, it can be expected that food and beverage businesses will see an increase in patrons. Restaurants would be well served to staff accordingly to accommodate the rise in guests. There are great online hiring resources such as Go2HR, which specializes in hiring for the hospitality and food service industry.

Additionally, social media is a key to attracting the growing audience of hungry, culinary travelers. Tourism Richmond regularly contributes to and for restaurant members, it can be a key outlet to attracting more attention to your business.

More People are Arriving by Air

Destination BC’s analysis of air capacity indicates that up to May 2017, arrivals by both domestic and international travelers is up by 9%, with extraordinary growth shown in arrivals from Mexico (up almost 45%) and Asia (up almost 26%). US arrivals are also up almost 13%, while domestic and European arrivals are showing only single digit growth.

There are several ways Richmond businesses can capitalize on the increased air arrivals including increasing promotions and advertising targeted to recent arrivals. Contact Ceri Chong at for details on how you might become involved.

*Source:  CBRE Hotels’ Trends in the Hotel Industry National Market Report with reproduction and use of information subject to CBRE Limited Disclaimer / Terms of Use as detailed here.
Destination BC publishes a monthly report, entitled Tourism Indicators, that provides information about hotel occupancy, hotel average daily rate, restaurant receipts, number of passengers arriving at Vancouver International Airport, and more. Click here to access the June report.