Lori GelzWe had a chance to sit down with Lori Gelz, our visitor services & engagement manager who can be found greeting visitors from all over the world at the Tourism Richmond visitor centre, located at 3811 Moncton Street in the heart of Steveston Village. 

Q: What's the most common question you get at the visitor centre?

Lori: We get all kinds of questions here, but I have to say that the top three most common questions are 'what should I see and where should I eat in Steveston?' 'Have you met the actors from Once Upon a Time?' and the most controversial - 'Who has the best fish & chips?' We try to be diplomatic with that one!

Q: What's the strangest question you've ever gotten?

Lori: Oh, good one! I've heard people asking about Steveston as though it were a ticketed attraction, so the question was 'What does it cost to get into Steveston and what time does Steveston open?' And then for the folks who come for nature, they want to know when the snow geese will be on display at Stanley Park. The one that gives me a good chuckle, though, are people asking if there's a tunnel to Victoria. At that point, we just direct them to the ferry terminal!

Q: What's your busiest day of the year?

Lori: July tends to be our busiest month, however on Canada Day, there are thousands of people in Steveston celebrating Canada's birthday and attending the annual Steveston Salmon Festival. We welcome more than five times as many daily visitors on July 1 compared to other days in July!

Q: How can my business work with you?

Lori: As a Tourism Richmond stakeholder, if your business is a hotel, attraction or restaurant, we welcome any collateral such as rack cards, takeout menus, anything visual that we can have available for visitors, and can assist us in making referrals to your business. Come on by and have a chat with me!

Q: What kind of services can visitors expect at the visitor centre?

Lori: We're open 7 days a week and our Tourism Specialists provide visitors with information and recommendations to enhance their Richmond experience as well as their visit to the Lower Mainland and other parts of BC. We also offer maps, visitor guides, attraction brochures, discounted tickets sales on selected attractions and hotel booking services. 

We'll be spotlighting other Tourism Richmond team members in future e-newsletters!