Dear Team Richmond,

I know we’re all gearing up for a very busy summer season, so I’ll keep my update short and sweet. But first, I’d like to acknowledge that the New York Times has finally learned something we all (secretly) knew: Richmond really does have the most diverse and robust Asian dining scene in North America! But more importantly, the piece highlighted something that really makes this destination a can’t-miss part of Metro Vancouver: You.

Your business, be it a restaurant, a hotel, a boutique shop, shopping mall, attraction or transportation company, is what truly makes up the fabric of the city. You’re the ones who speak to tourists and guests daily. You’re the ones who shape their experiences while they’re here.

We in the service industry understand the unique challenges of staffing during the height of the tourist season – and at almost every other point in time. From recruitment to retention and keeping up with changes with minimum wage hikes and legislation, it’s a lot to wrap our minds around. That’s why go2HR’s employer resource articles are so great for every stakeholder. You can learn how to promote your seasonal jobs to international workers, or what the increase for minimum wage means for your business. The best part? go2HR also has a very comprehensive job board geared specifically for tourism-related businesses.  If you aren’t using go2HR, you should definitely have them in your hiring toolkit. 

In fact, go2HR recently relaunched the revitalized SuperHost program, including new and refreshed courses for frontline staff. We encourage you to check it out if you haven’t heard of it – upcoming courses will be offered at and we are planning to bring the course to Richmond in 2019.

Since you’re the main touchpoint for tourists and visitors, it would be a mistake if Tourism Richmond didn’t listen to what you had to say about how we market the city. In fact, we’ve just wrapped our 2018 Stakeholder Survey and I’m extremely happy to report: there’s been an increase across the board in how stakeholders rate the performance and transparency of Tourism Richmond.

Our survey wouldn’t be complete without some lessons learned. Our talented team has broken down the highlights of our 2018 Stakeholder Survey, which you can read here, but here’s a couple key highlights:

  • Over 75% of stakeholders understand what Tourism Richmond does for their business
  • Of the five key strategic pillars, stakeholders felt Tourism Richmond performed best on Building a Compelling Brand and our Pivot to Digital initiatives

There’s much more to unpack in the survey results so I encourage you to give it a good and thorough read. We’ve also competed the 2017 Visitor Volume Study and will be holding a stakeholder presentation to go over what that means for you and more importantly, how you can use the results to your benefit. Join us on July 10 at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site – be sure to register for a spot!

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t address our ongoing search for the new CEO for Tourism Richmond. Great news – we should have a final announcement by the end of the month. That’s all they’ll allow me to say about it but trust me – it’ll be exciting news.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback! You can reach me at any time at


Eda Koot
Tourism Richmond Team Member
Chair, Tourism Richmond