As part of our Pivot to Digital strategy, we’ve leveraged advertising tags on our website to create targeted marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook. Through these campaigns, we were able to focus our reach to visitors beyond just the website, through related advertising based on previously viewed pages. You might know this as retargeting.

Through tagging, we’re able to create qualified audiences who were exposed to the Tourism Richmond Brand and shown an interest in activities and events in the city. The idea here is to create captive audiences which would result in higher Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and lower bounce rates.

In the six months we’ve implemented this practice, we can say this is true. We’re already seeing better visitor quality from our always-on digital campaigns, as compared to last year.

Richmond Night Market Sponsored Ad

To further our services to stakeholders, Tourism Richmond would now like to offer our marketing tags to be placed onto your websites. With these in place, we’ll be able to strengthen the Pacific. Authentic. Richmond, BC. brand by serve relevant marketing messaging, driving more exposure for stakeholders.

We’re happy to announce that the Richmond Night Market was the first stakeholder to take advantage of this program, and we’ve begun to expand our message reach as a result.

If you’re interested in getting involved with this program, or have questions about this, please contact Tim Jang at, Marketing Data & Platforms Architect.