If you’re looking for a handy hotel near Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Richmond is studded with options. But one particular property goes much further than most to entertain its guests, encouraging a loyal following that other hotels can only dream of. Looking for free beer, cool amenities, and the chance to grow your personal collection of quirky rubber ducks? Check into Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel and that 6:00am flight you need to catch won’t seem so bad after all. Here’s why:

Accent Inns Vancouver Airport HotelThe team at Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel likes to have fun. | Photo: Accent Inns

You’ll soon be able to play on a giant Lite-Brite board

The hotel’s lobby is being renovated this year. But that doesn’t mean guests have been made miserable; quite the opposite, in fact. The temporary lobby has been creatively decorated with a campout theme, including fake grass, Adirondack chairs, and a make-believe campfire. Topping it all off is a front desk resembling a log cabin—plus special souvenir mugs that proclaim ‘I survived the renovation.’ The fun won’t end when the soon-to-be-finished reno is complete, though: they’re installing a permanent Lite-Brite wall in the new lobby to keep you busy while you await your (free) airport shuttle ride.

Accent Inns Vancouver Airport HotelThe temporary lobby has a colourful campout theme. | Photo: Accent Inns

You’ll get your own duck

Every room comes with its own friendly rubber duck toy and you’re encouraged to take it home, free of charge. Several different themed ducks are released each year—from rock stars to construction workers—and repeat guests have amassed some sizeable flocks for their bathtubs back home. Four new original ducks are about to be launched, including—you read it here first—a mad scientist.  

Accent Inns Vancouver Airport HotelA pair of Accent Inns ducks. | Photo: Accent Inns

You can ride a hot air balloon

While the ‘Free flight simulator’ door sticker on the hotel’s guest elevator might be slightly puzzling and even a little alarming, it all makes perfect sense once you step inside. The lift’s interior has been decorated as if you’re riding in the basket of a lofty, multicoloured hot air balloon. Your view? A mountain-framed panorama of downtown Vancouver’s multi-towered cityscape, recreated in wraparound poster form.

Your pets can have a sleepover

While some hotels have restrictive pet policies that aren’t much fun for travelling pooches, Accent Inns takes a more realistic approach to your furry family members. Two critters are allowed in your room with you (more if requested in advance); they can hop up on your bed to snooze; and you can even leave them alone in your room, so long as you furnish the front desk with your contact phone number. And while standard pet fees apply, $1 from each charge is donated to the BC SPCA.

Accent Inns Vancouver Airport HotelPets are more than welcome at this hotel. | Photo: Accent Inns

You can I spy a host of in-jokes

The team behind Accent Inns—a popular BC company with five hotels across the province—really knows how to have fun. They’ve embraced every opportunity to make their guests smile. In-room pens have ‘We think you’re all write’ printed on them; the sign in the guest laundry reads ‘Our found single sock count is up to 1,256’ and in-room no smoking notices state ‘If you’re looking for a reason to stop smoking, here’s a sign.’ And the door decal requesting a clean up for your room? It includes the line ‘The duck did it.’

You can (soon) dine at a cool Montreal restaurant

Gearing up to open here before the end of 2018, Eggspectation will be the first Western Canada branch of one of Quebec’s most popular homegrown dine-out chains. Famous for its creative breakfast and brunch dishes—look out for irresistible waffles, bennies, and bagels—the Accent Inns version of this much-anticipated eatery will also have plenty of all-day dining options (such as pastas, steaks, and flatbreads) plus an onsite bar. Stay tuned for the grand opening…

You can look after your beloved bike

Like their in-room pet rules, they have a bicycle policy here that’s rooted in user reality. If you totally love your mountain bike and don’t want to let it out of your sight, you can bring it into your room with you. But before you slide between the sheets with it, you might want to clean the mud off first: the hotel has a dedicated bicycle cleaning station—with warm water—as well as handy tune-up gear to keep your wheels in tip-top shape.

Accent Inns Vancouver Airport HotelThe warm-water bike wash station. | Photo: Accent Inns

You can even take care of your motorcycle

You’re not allowed to sleep with your motorcycle in your room, but this particular hotel is also very biker-friendly. If you’ve been on the road all day and you’re looking for the perfect overnight pit stop, there are dedicated lock-up stations and warm water cleaning areas here. And once your beloved Honda, Harley, or Norton is fully spruced-up, the front desk can supply you with a cover to keep it nice and shiny for tomorrow’s big ride.

You can chuckle at the reader board

You know those roadside electronic signs outside hotels and motels that tell you little more than the latest rates or the all-too-obvious menu of guest amenities? Well, they do it a little differently here, using their towering digital screen to entertain passers-by on Highway 99 with jokes and one-liners that operate like a daily, drive-by Christmas cracker. A recent message? ‘Help! I’m stuck inside this sign.’

You can earn free beers

Repeat guests at Accent Inns win a special prize on their fifth sleepover—as if a gaggle of cool rubber ducks wasn’t enough incentive. On your fifth stay, you’ll find a bag of trail mix and a special bottle of beer waiting for you in your room. Exclusively crafted by celebrated Victoria-based brewery Phillips, it’s a tasty bottle of Inn-Dependent Pilsner—complete with an image of a jaunty duck on its label. Cheers!

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Accent Inns Vancouver Airport HotelSome rooms come equipped with a kitchenette. | Photo: Accent Inns