Checking out the seafood for sale on the boats at Steveston’s Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular pastime among locals and visitors. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring our city-wide seafood scene.

Richmond’s restaurants—with western and eastern approaches fully represented—are a huge hook for seafood fans, serving up everything from golden fish and chips and expertly-shucked oysters to bubbling hot pot feasts. Read on for details on 10 delicious dishes to dive into during your next visit. 

And remember: local restaurants have new safety measures and protocols in place. It's important to practice patience and kindness while you're out enjoying foodie adventures in Richmond.

Fish & Chips

Where: Pajo’s Fish & Chips or Dave’s Fish & Chips

You’re rarely more than a fry-length away from this comfort food favourite in waterfront Steveston Village. On sunny days, pick up a delicious meal from Pajo’s and plunge into some tempura-battered cod, halibut, or wild salmon—the two-piece option is always recommended. On nearby Moncton Street, the equally legendary Dave’s will also be calling your name. A beloved old-school joint with super-friendly staff and heaping platters of deep-fried fishy goodness, the breaded oysters are also worth a try here.

Dave's Fish & Chips
Dive into some fish & chips at Dave's. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Seafood Hot Pot

Where: The Dolar Shop

Handily located at one of the entrances to the Lansdowne Centre mall, this upscale Macau-originated restaurant is famous among in-the-know diners for the premium ingredients utilized in its hot pot dishes. Enjoy simmering bowls of delicious broth that you can add choice ingredients to and cook right at your table—each diner has their own dainty stovetop pot. And while meaty options abound at The Dolar Shop, seafood connoisseurs can head straight for the oysters, scallops, shrimp, Dungeness crab, and more.

Seafood Share Platters

Where: Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant

Seafood sophisticates love indulging their appetites at this waterfront Steveston spot. There’s everything from honey-lime-garlic glazed Arctic char to Moroccan spiced salmon on the menu, but don't miss the chilled seafood share platters at Blue Canoe. Available in ‘canoe size’ or ‘yacht size,’ expect everything from crab legs and fresh-shucked oysters to succulent scallops and (yacht size only) Atlantic lobster. Come hungry, and be prepared to fight over the red shrimp ceviche!

Seafood Platter at Blue Canoe
Enjoy a seafood platter at Blue Canoe. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Stewed Fresh Lingcod

Where: Chef Tony Restaurant

One of Richmond’s finest and most award-winning restaurants, this stylish and sophisticated Cantonese eatery is the perfect place to slowly savour some amazing seafood. Book ahead and aim for the juicy, butter-tender stewed fresh lingcod tail, served with bitter gourd in a brothy brown sauce. But don't stop there. Consider extending your seafood odyssey at Chef Tony Restaurant via the spicy stir-fried lobster with eggplant or the spike sea cucumber soaked in vinegar.

Seafood Bake

Where: Deer Garden Signatures

Discover some of Hong Kong’s quirky café dishes at this upstairs eatery on Alexandra Road—a.k.a. Food Street. You’ll find a warm welcome and a photo menu of comfort food favourites that fuse international approaches with a colourful Asian edge. Noodle bowls, curry combos, and sandwich set meals abound; but if you’re really hungry, try a seafood bake: a piping hot platter of rice studded with chunks of crab, whitefish, prawns, and more, slathered with cheese and tomato sauce.

Seafood Bake from Deer Garden
The seafood bake at Deer Garden Signatures. | Photo: ​John Lee

Seafood Chowder

Where: Pajo’s Fish & Chips, Steveston Seafood House, and Catch Kitchen + Bar

Many seafood fans have a favourite go-to chowder. But if you’re keen to find a new favourite (and you’re extra hungry), why not plan a local chowder crawl? Head over to Pajo’s and dive into their creamy house-made version, often packed with chunks of salmon. Next, try the silky-smooth chowder at Steveston Seafood House, brimming with a variety of seafood morsels. Finally, head to Catch Kitchen + Bar where the signature crab corn chowder is packed with snow crab and veggies. Once you’re done, waddle home for a nap.

Fresh Oysters

Where: Steveston Seafood House

“If you’re tired of oysters, you’re tired of life,” Samuel Johnson would no doubt have said if he’d time-travelled to Richmond from 18th-century London. The famous lexicographer would likely have parked his incredible appetite at this classy Steveston restaurant for a round of fresh-shucked oysters in several tempting varieties. But that’s not the only seafood specialty at Steveston Seafood House. Expertly prepared entrées include seared jumbo scallops and a succulent wild salmon dish prepared with a light Cajun spice kick.

Dim Sum

Where: Yue Restaurant

The perfect way to start any day, dim sum typically includes multiple small dishes. And it’s easy to apply a seafood-only theme at Yue Restaurant, a popular and welcoming Cantonese eatery. Go for steamed prawn dumplings, deep-fried cuttlefish balls, rice rolls with shrimp and scallop, and dumplings with whole abalone in broth. But be sure to add a serving of shrimp and cheese spring rolls—a tasty twist on the traditional approach—plus some delicious baked egg tarts to go.

Deep-fried crab

Where: Richmond Public Market

The upstairs food court at the Richmond Public Market is lined with authentic mom and pop counters serving a wide array of traditional Asian cuisines. But when you’re in the mood for a huge plate of great value Chinese food, check out the competitive, buffet-style counters specializing in heaping combo deals and more. A favourite with locals, they typically offer foil-plated crab specials with a variety of seasoning options.

Deep-fried Crab from the Richmond Public Market
Deep-fried crab from the Richmond Public Market food court. | Photo: ​John Lee

Sichuan Water-Boiled Fish

Where: Szechuan Delicious Restaurant 

Hungry spice fans should hunt down this deliciously authentic soft fish dish, served in a broth typically made from a fiery-looking blend of chili bean sauce, ground chili peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns. It’s not quite as mouth-numbingly hot as you might expect (especially if you avoid trying to drink the broth and biting into the peppercorns) but it’s an excellent dish for experienced heat-lovers to add to their culinary bucket list. And if it hits the spot, there are plenty of other spicy dishes to sample at Szechuan Delicious.

Bonus Dish: Sushi

Where: Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

Leaving sushi off the plate when discussing must-try seafood dishes is out of the question. Luckily, there are plenty of great spots to hit up for fresh sashimi and sushi platters—and Ichiro Japanese Restaurant is one of our favourites. Open for both dine-in and takeout, you can enjoy fresh, handmade sushi rolls, nigiri, and high-quality sashimi platters put together by the talented team at this local favourite.

Sushi from Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
A delicious spread from Ichiro Japanese Restaurant. | Photo: Tourism Richmond