Draconian diets are a regular feature of many New Year resolutions. But the pathway to dining happiness in 2020 is not to reduce yourself to a single, plated carrot at every meal. Instead, plan some quality culinary experiences to enjoy throughout the next 12 months.

Richmond, of course, is the perfect place for foodie adventures. If you’re keen to add some fun to your upcoming year, here are seven highly recommended experiences to unleash your appetite on in 2020. Just remember that diets come and go, but delicious dining memories last a lifetime!


If you haven’t explored Richmond’s Dumpling Trail yet, 2020 is the year to do it. From guo tie potstickers to Vietnamese banh bot loc to salmon-roe-topped siu mai, this city serves-up a smorgasbord of highly diverse dumplings for hungry locals and visitors. Not sure where to start on what CNN Travel described as one of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails? Plan your own self-directed restaurant crawl using our road-tested Dumpling Trail itineraries.

Dumpling Trail
Try dumplings such as banh bot loc​. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


If you’re tired of seafood, you’re tired of life as someone very famous once said (or maybe not). But if you’ve been dining on the same restaurant dishes for years, it’s time to broaden your fishy horizons. There are dozens of ways and places to rediscover seafood here, from celebrated Chinese eateries such as Jade Seafood Restaurant to revered Japanese joints including Sushi Hachi. And be sure to take your appetite to waterfront Steveston Village as well. You’ll find Blue Canoe and Steveston Seafood House jostling for taste-bud attention as well as legendary fish and chips purveyors Pajo’s and Dave’s. While you’re here, check out the seafood bounty for sale on the boats at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Pajo's Fish and Chips
Enjoy some fish & chips in Steveston. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


Why not make 2020 the year to finally dive into the delicious world of Asian barbecue? Start with Cantonese takeout from Yaohan Centre’s Datang BBQ Express or Parker Place Meat & B.B.Q. but don’t miss the recently reopened HK B.B.Q Master, a local gem with legions of fans. But there’s more: curate your own year-long barbecue trail by adding Japanese skewers at Tsukiji, Korean delicacies at Dolpan Seoul BBQ, and even the southern US approach showcased at Hog Shack Cookhouse.

Cantonese BBQ
Takeout from Parker Place Meats & B.B.Q. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


This Chinese meal features small plates meant for sharing. Restaurants typically serve dim sum between 10:00am and 2:00pm, and it’s a delicious meal that can easily fill you for an entire day. But while you may have already sampled the popular items such as har gow (shrimp dumplings), there are many plenty of delicious items to discover here. Read up on some of Richmond’s best dim sum restaurants here.

Dumpling Trail
Richmond's dim sum restaurants are some of the best around. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


Arguably the most interactive meal you can have in Richmond, this delicious Asian feast combines platters of fresh veggies and sliced meat with simmering pots of fortifying broth: the idea is that you dip and cook the ingredients in the brimming pot (or pots) that are provided at your table. It’s a great way to enjoy a family-style meal with a group. Hungry to give it a try? Consider The Dolar Shop, HaiDiLao Hot Pot, Gokudo Shabu Shabu, and more.

Hot Pot
Gather some friends together to enjoy some hot pot in Richmond. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


Richmond’s dazzling dessert scene layers Asian and Western. Bakery fans should check out the inventive cakes and croissants at Little Fox Bakehouse and the house-made European treats at The Sweet Spot. Ice cream nuts won’t want to miss the irresistible selection at Gelataria Del Mare or the quirky candy-topped options at Milkcow Cafe. But if you want to dive deeper into the richly imaginative Asian dessert scene, don’t miss the grass jelly bowls at ZenQ, towering shaved ice servings with fresh fruit at Icy Bar, the tofu pudding at iTofu, or the addictive little Taiwanese wheel cakes at Peanuts.

Shaved ice mango dessert
Enjoy shaved ice desserts in Richmond. | Photo: Tourism Richmond


Great eats aren't just about finding the right restaurants. You can also satisfy your cravings at some tasty culinary events. Every foodie bucket list should include the Richmond Night Market, running from May 8 to October 12 in 2020. There are tons of enticing food stands to check out, and the trick is to combine must-try favourites along with exciting new dishes. And if you’re also keen to explore Richmond’s fresh-picked bounty, don’t miss the local farmers’ markets. The Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market usually runs from May to September, and the indoor-outdoor Cannery Farmers’ Market runs from October to April.

Richmond Night Market
The Richmond Night Market is full of enticing food stalls. | Photo: Tourism Richmond