As the weather grows colder, we turn to comfort food to fill us with warmth. The more carbs, the better it seems. While traditional dim sum could fit the bill, Shanghai style food has more carb-heavy options. One restaurant in Richmond that serves up Shanghai style dim sum, as well as meals is Su Hang Restaurant on Ackroyd Road (100-8291 Ackroyd Road). The particular region of China where this restaurant draws its flavours from is Jiangnan, which is one of the most prosperous parts of China known for its silk and green tea.

Green tea served in an Earthenware tea kettle. Photo credit: Dee de los Santos

You would think this small restaurant relatively goes unnoticed, tucked away in a nondescript strip mall, but the restaurant can get pretty packed. Su Hang is a little on the pricey side compared to other dim sum restaurants, however they serve specialty items you may not get anywhere else during dim sum hours. Su Hang is part of Tourism Richmond’s Dumpling Trail and is known for its xiao long bao (or XLB). Xiao long bao is a traditional Shanghai styled soup dumpling, masterfully made with pork and soup on the inside once steamed.

su hang restaurant
Xiao Long Bao. Photo credit: Dee de los Santos

The xiao long bao at Su Hang is definitely a must order menu item. It’s slightly larger than most XLBs I’ve had before and is still made quite well. The meat is tender, the juice inside the dumpling is warm, comforting and not too salty. The skin of the XLB still has a nice snap to it without being over or under cooked.

su hang restaurant
Wontons in Chilli and Peanut Sauce. Photo Caption by: Dee de los Santos

The wontons with chili are also worth a mention. Typically found in Taiwanese style cafes, Su Hang serves these wontons with chili sauce as well as peanut sauce. When it landed on our table, we were puzzled but when we tried them, we were pleasantly surprised by the mix of flavours. The creaminess of the peanut sauce helped make this dish more heavy and filling, but still maintains its sweet chili taste.

su hang restaurant
Pork and Shrimp Dumplings. Photo Caption by: Dee de los Santos

Pork and Shrimp Dumplings were another item we tried. The dough to this dumpling is more heavier than the thin skinned dumplings you might find in Cantonese dim sum. They are also much larger than other dumplings. The dumplings are served with the same XLB dipping sauce: Zhenjian vinegar and slivers of ginger.

su hang restaurant
Rice Cake Noodles with vegetables and pork. Photo Caption by: Dee de los Santos

A favourite in Shanghai cuisine is the rice cake noodle dishes stir fried with different types of meat and vegetable. Su Hang has a couple of different methods in preparing this dish – the one we went with was the shredded pork and vegetable rice cake noodle. The mix of chewiness from the rice cakes and the crunch from the vegetables made this another great selection in comfort food.

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