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Mijune Pak, a.k.a. @followmefoodie. (PHOTO: SUBMITTED)

Mijune Pak, otherwise known as “Follow Me Foodie,” adores the food in Richmond. Pak, one of the top food bloggers in the Lower Mainland and weekly food columnist for Westender newspaper, has been living in Richmond for three years, but has long been a fan of the dining scene. “I’ve always eaten in Richmond pretty regularly. Oh my God! The Asian food … (blissful pause) There’s nothing not to like about it since it’s arguably the best in North America.” During a phone chat, Pak shared insider tips on some of her favourite bites in Richmond.


1. Most delicious dim sum

“I have a soft spot for baked barbecue pork buns. I like the ones at Top Gun J & C [8766 McKim Way]. They have a nice crispy topping and there’s better meat in them. The meat is not just fat and leftover barbecue bits. There’s more quality to them. I also like the mushroom dumplings at Jade [Seafood Restaurant, 8511 Alexandra Rd.].”


Top Gun BBQ Pork Bun

The baked barbecue pork buns at Top Gun J & C are some of Pak’s favourites. (PHOTO: Follow Me Foodie)

 Jade Mushroom dumpling

The mushroom dumplings at Jade Seafood Restaurant. (PHOTO: Follow Me Foodie)

2. Where to find exquisite traditional sushi

“I go to Ichiro [110-12011 Second Ave.] in Steveston. I think their sashimi is really good quality and fresh. Sushi Hachi [8888 Odlin Cresc.] is also very good. It’s also very classic, with no crazy rolls. It’s really focused on nigiri, which is essentially what traditional Japanese food is.”

 Ichiro salmon toro nigiriThis is Ichiro’s Salmon Toro Nigiri. (PHOTO: FOLLOW ME FOODIE)

3. Where to satisfy your wonton craving

“I like the wontons at Old Buddies [8391 Alexandra Rd.]. They’re really big, but that’s not actually what I like about them. They have good flavour, nice big prawns, and great crunch. I love them there.”


Old Buddies Wonton 2Pak says the wontons at Old Buddies have great crunch and flavour. (PHOTO: FOLLOW ME FOODIE)

4. Your sweet tooth will thank you for this one

“The pineapple buns at Lido [150-4231 Hazelbridge Way] are amazing. They have a crispy topping. They’re also soft and not too sweet. You absolutely need to get them.”


Lido pineapple bun2In Pak’s books, the Pineapple Buns from Lido are a must. (PHOTO: FOLLOW ME FOODIE)

5. What to look for in good Xiao Long Bao (steamed soup dumpling)

“I prefer thin skin, but I don’t want it to rip and stick together. I’m really, really picky about the folds. They have to be even. I don’t like a big nub on the top. And the broth is one of the most important things. It has to be thick, rich, and creamy. I want to taste that pork flavour more than the seasonings. I like the ones at Chen’s [Shanghai Kitchen, 8095 Park Rd.]. It’s a hole and the wall, and I think they do a good job.”



Where to get the best XLB in Richmond? Pak says head to Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen. (PHOTO: 365DAYSOFDINING.COM)

6. Stock up on Chinese barbecue meat and then gorge on waffles

“I like HK BBQ Master [145-4651 Number Three Rd.] under the Superstore. Go there for your roast duck, your suckling pig, your barbecue pork, and then go a few shops down to The Bubble Tea Shop [105-4651 Number Three Rd.]. I love their egg bubble waffles. They’re not like the traditional, authentic recipe, but I don’t really care because I think they taste even better. They’re crispy. They’re not too sweet or too fragrant. The batter is right. They’re not too chewy or dense. They’re well made.”

 HQ BBQ  duck, suckling pig, roast porkHQ BBQ Master’s duck, suckling pig and roast pork. (PHOTO: FOLLOW ME FOODIE)

Stay tuned for …

“I’m really anticipating the re-opening of Shanghai Wonderful (opening in June at Best Western Plus Abercorn Inn, 9260 Bridgeport Rd.). They did a good job at their old location, and attract a crowd wherever they go.”


Shanghai Wonderful Turnip CakeShanghai Wonderful Turnip Cake. (PHOTO: FOLLOW ME FOODIE)