**Please note that the CARHA Hockey World Cup has been postponed. The new tournament dates are April 4 - 11, 2021.**

The world’s largest adult recreational hockey tournament will drop the puck in Richmond later this month when 148 teams from Canada and around the world roll in for a sparkling celebration of the nation’s favourite pastime. Running from March 29 to April 5, 2020, the CARHA Hockey World Cup takes place every four years—and this time around, organizers are anticipating a record-breaking 2,500+ participants and more than 250 games.

All of the games will be played in Richmond, and local and visiting spectators fully encouraged to come along and cheer on the teams. Best of all, admission to every single game is free!

Keen to enjoy some great grassroots sport with like-minded hockey fans? Here’s our exclusive insider’s guide to the upcoming ‘Olympics of recreational hockey.’

What is the CARHA Hockey World Cup all about?

Launched in 1996, the CARHA Hockey World Cup is staged in a different Canadian city every four years. Run by a national not-for-profit (the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association) that actively supports adult recreational hockey throughout the country, it’s a week-long extravaganza of games played between local, national, and international teams comprised of competitive amateur players.

A team photo of past division winners

Where are the teams from and how good are they?

Half of the teams—such as the Calgary Hornets, Ladner Fishermen, and Sioux Lookout Aces—hale from six Canadian provinces.  There are also many teams from the United States, plus others from more than a dozen countries around the world, including Russia, Norway, and the UK. This is your big chance to cheer on the Helsinki Vikings, Seattle Wolves, or the Stockholm Golden Camels!

There is typically a wide range of skill levels on display throughout the tournament, including energetic rookies, enthusiastic old-timers, and ex-professional players with plenty of well-oiled moves to show off.

How is the tournament organized?

The teams are divided into divisions based on age and skill levels. Age categories range in increments from 19+ to 70+ and there are also two women’s divisions. Within each division, the teams play and progress throughout the week, with divisional semi-finals and finals on Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4. The games are played with a three stop-time period format (12, 12, and 15 minutes).

CARHA Hockey World Cup
Cheer on teams from around the world! | Photo: CARHA Hockey World Cup​

Where and when are the games being played?

Almost all the games will be at the Richmond Olympic Oval or the Richmond Ice Centre. Games take place throughout the day from March 30 onwards and can start as early as 9:00am or as late as 7:45pm. One additional event—the Feature Game—will take place at Minoru Arenas on April 3.

What is the Feature Game?

The Feature Game is the most prestigious fixture of every CARHA Hockey World Cup, a game between two of the tournament’s best teams. Showcasing the event’s highest skill levels, there’s always a great atmosphere. This flagship fixture (with its traditional format of three 20-minute periods) will be recorded for national TV broadcast later in the year—but catching it live in Richmond is highly recommended!

The puck drop at a past Feature game
The Feature Game is a highlight for many spectators. | Photo: CARHA Hockey World Cup​

How can I watch the games?

Start by visiting the official online schedule to see where and when each team is playing. As mentioned, admission to all games is free and, since no tickets are required, spectators can drop in whenever they want. Keep in mind that divisional finals are often busier. The Feature Game always has a great crowd and a great atmosphere, and you’re advised to arrive at Minoru Arenas between 6:00pm and 6:30pm for this one (the game starts at 7:00pm).

Do I need to bring anything?

Dress appropriately for an indoor hockey game and be sure to bring along your unbridled enthusiasm! The teams thrive on cheers and support and they love it when the crowds get behind them. Spectators routinely wear hockey jerseys, of course, and if you feel like painting your face with a maple leaf or the flag of another nation you are supporting, go for it.

Are there any other events to check out?

The teams have an Opening Ceremony at the Richmond Olympic Oval on March 29. The indoor portion of this event is not open to the public, but CARHA organizers invite as many locals and visitors as possible to attend the ceremony’s Parade of Athletes. Staring at 6:30pm outside the Oval, this is your chance to welcome and cheer on the participants as they promenade past you in their team colours. Lasting about 25 minutes, the parade is the perfect way to get into the spirit one of Canada’s biggest sporting events.

A team poses for photos during the Parade of Athletes
The Parade of Athletes will be full of energy and excitement. | Photo: CARHA Hockey World Cup​

Event Details:

**Please note that the CARHA Hockey World Cup has been postponed. The new tournament dates are April 4 - 11, 2021.**

Dates: March 29 - April 5, 2020
Locations: Games mainly take place at the Richmond Olympic Oval (6111 River Road) and the Richmond Ice Centre (14140 Triangle Road), with a feature game at Minoru Arenas (7551 Minoru Gate).
Schedule: Click here to view the tournament schedule.
Game admission: Free!