Have you heard of Big Red? He was the beloved Irish Red Setter dog who travelled here from the Gulf Islands in 1979, and walked off a fishing boat to become the unofficial “Mayor of Steveston.” If you haven’t heard of him, you’re in for a treat. If you do know about him, you will be thrilled to learn that he will be leading a scavenger hunt around Steveston!

The Big Red Scavenger Hunt is a free, family-friendly adventure led by the former unofficial Mayor of Steveston. Another famous character in Steveston, The Cannery Cat, has left clues around Steveston Village for Big Red to discover. Join Big Red on his quest to complete all of Cat’s challenges and learn about the history of Steveston along the way.

The scavenger hunt takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and is completely outdoors. There is no need to enter any buildings, and you can complete the challenges at your own pace. It’s meant to be a fun, relaxing, and educational experience for the entire family!

How Does the Scavenger Hunt Work?

To begin, visit the Big Red Scavenger Hunt web page to sign up for the game. A personalized link to the game will be sent to you via email and text, and you can access the scavenger hunt by clicking on the link. You will need data or a Wi-Fi connection to load the scavenger hunt.

We recommend adding the scavenger hunt as a home screen icon so you can easily access it. Alternatively, you can click on your personalized link to access it anytime.

Big Red Scavenger Hunt screenshot - tap to add web app to home screen

Start with the introduction and make your way through each segment of the scavenger hunt. There will be directions to and from each site, with Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site as the starting location. Do not skip any clues—you might miss out on important information, such as the directions to your next clue!

Big Red Scavenger Hunt screenshot of introduction

To make it more interactive and fun for younger children, we have included audio clips with Big Red as the narrator. Simply press the play button to listen to Big Red tell the story of his home and favourite place in the whole world. You will learn about the tales, people, and events that shaped Steveston—all from the point of view of Big Red.

Big Red Scavenger Hunt screenshot of audio clip button

How Many Clues Are There?

The clues will lead you to four heritage sites: Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, the Steveston Tram, the Steveston Museum, and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. There are several stops along the way to these sites, but Big Red will guide you through each location. He knows Steveston inside out—he was the mayor, after all.

There are over 15 clues with 4 questions that require you to punch in a 4-digit PIN; some questions don’t require you to punch in an answer. The answers to the clues are easy to find, and if you get stuck on any question, the answer is only a button away. You will not be penalized for any incorrect answers, so don’t worry about making mistakes. Big Red is just happy that you’re taking the time to learn about his hometown!

Complete the Challenge And Receive a Reward

If you manage to complete all the scavenger hunt challenges, then you deserve a reward. As you make your way to the final stop—the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site—and answer the last question, a special offer will pop up. Receive 50% off one adult admission with the completion of the scavenger hunt; children under the age of 17 receive free admission.

That’s not all—you will also receive a Pacific. Authentic. Richmond BC sticker and postcard for completing the challenge. Use the sticker for something fun, and consider sending the postcard of to a friend to inspire them to come visit Richmond in the future!

Click here to download the Big Red Scavenger Hunt.