Whether you call it Chinese New Year, Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, there is no denying it is one of the world’s most celebrated annual events. 2021 marks the Year of the Ox and begins on February 12, the first day of Chinese New Year. As the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the ox is known for its strength, determination, diligence, and dependability. 

Video Thumbnail - youtube - Lunar New Year Festival Photo: Tourism Richmond

Due to ongoing pandemic restrictions, most annual in-person events have been cancelled, so we have pulled together a list of places where you can get Lunar New Year feasts and treats in Richmond.

Several of the restaurants listed here are part of a new dining event called Dining for the Feast of Fortune, that will mark the Lunar New Year and they will be raising funds for the future of health care – new St. Paul’s at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre.

Bamboo Grove

6920 No. 3 Rd, Richmond.

What better place to feast for the Lunar New Year, than renowned Chinese restaurant, Bamboo Grove. This Lunar New Year menu, part of Dining for the Feast of Fortune has two of Bamboo Grove's award-winning dishes, pork stomach & white pepper long-boiled soup and stir-fried tiger prawns with minced pork and eggplant. Wok-fried dishes such as crispy salt & pepper abalones and mala rib eye steak with peanuts are also on the menu.

Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine

 6200 River Rd #130, Richmond.

One of Metro Vancouver’s Cantonese culinary crown jewels, Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine will also have a special Lunar New Year menu part of Dining for the Feast of Fortune. This menu showcases the essence of traditional Lunar New Year dishes with a 72-hour braised three-headed abalone, roasted pork deluxe platter, soy sauce chicken made with rose petals infused sorghum wine plus lots more.

Hotpot Palace

168-7911 Alderbridge Way, Richmond.

Hotpot Palace LNYLunar New Year Feature Dish. | Photo: Hotpot Palace

Combining traditional Chinese culture and western cuisine is Hotpot Palace's forte. This Lunar New Year menu begins with roasted bone marrow, well-known in Italian and French cuisine, but rare to be paired with Chinese hotpot. Red wine infused tomato oxtail soup base for the hotpot, which gives a nod the year of the Ox.

The Fish Man

8391 Alexandra Rd #1170, Richmond.

The Fish Man is located on Alexandra road and specializes in Szechuan style Chinese seafood made with oceanwise seafood where possible. Their Lunar New Year menu begins by highlighting celebration for the Year of the Ox with the luxurious miyazaki wagyu aburi nigiri sushi, followed by BC dungeness crab and seafood rice. Grilled and wok-fried seafood dishes, the sautéed BC geoduck with green onion and ginger and the sour cabbage sea bass hotpot are also on the menu.

Free Bird Table and Bar

5991 Alderbridge Way, Richmond.

Free Bird Table & Bar Lunar New Year Feature Dish. | Photo: Free Bird Table and Bar

This year Free Bird Table and Bar situated inside The Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport is offering buck a shuck oysters all day long, as well as 10% off their chicken entrée to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Lu Lu Island Winery

16880 Westminster Hwy, Richmond.

Lu Lu Island - Chinese NY BasketLunar New Year Gift Baskets. | Photo: LuLu Island Winery.

LuLu Island Winery have four beautiful Chinese New Year Baskets filled with a selection of delectable goodies for you to choose from:

  • Happy New Year to You
  • Blossom of Fortune
  • Treasures of Jade and Gold
  • Blessings of Health and Wellness

They also offer special customize a basket, if that's more your thing. Order yours today in time for the new year.

Wild Sweets® by Dominique & Cindy Duby

12191 Hammersmith Way #2145, Richmond.

The award winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker Wild Sweets have released their 2021 CNY limited edition collections. Both are ‘East-Meets-West creations that are custom designed and hand-crafted specifically for the New Year celebration. The Red & Gold 'Money Cake' features specific sweet ingredients for their symbolism in Chinese traditions including; Prosperity - Good Fortune - Longevity - Wealth, yet is crafted using modern French based chocolate-making techniques. There is still time to order for this weekend and for more information and/or to pre-order these items online visit their website. Order now.

Little Fox Bakehouse

8181 Cambie Rd # 1180, Richmond.

Little Fox Bakehouse LNY Little Fox Bakehouse - “Year of the Ox” Macaron Set. | Photo: Chinese Restaurant Awards​​ 

The heavenly Little Fox Bakehouse have a range of Chinese New Year specials on offer. Their “Year of the Ox” Macaron Set includes a black sesame macaron to highlight the Year of the Ox, a large mango macaron, as well as three shortbread flavours: cashew, matcha, and black sesame. Check out their dark chocolate mandarin orange cake and cookie box sampler they both look scrumptious.