Local and visiting foodies have long known that Richmond is home to a smorgasbord of amazing international dining. But while there’s everything from hawker-style food courts to authentic Asian dessert cafes to sink your teeth into here, one particular comfort food offers a perfect, bite-sized way to zip around the city and sate your appetite for culinary adventure.

Described by CNN Travel as “one of the world’s most enticing food and drink trails,” Richmond’s home-grown Dumpling Trail serves-up a 20-restaurant menu of great dumpling eateries to discover in the city. But while there’s everything from crispy wu gok and sesame-coated jian dui to shrimp-stuffed har gow and golden ham siu gok to sample here, our exclusive Dumpling Trail map makes plotting your own dumpling-themed dine-out easy and accessible.

Tasty suggestions

Not sure where to start your self-guided dumpling fest? Our itineraries page has a handful of carefully curated route suggestions to consider. The Authentic Chinese itinerary is a mouthwatering crawl around a couple of handpicked restaurants where you can loosen your belt and dive into everything from some of Metro Vancouver’s most celebrated dim sum at Empire Seafood Restaurant to the freshly-made xiao long bao at Suhang Restaurant.

We’ve also created a handy Hole in the Wall itinerary for hungry locals and visitors keen to venture off the beaten path. This route points you to four hidden gem eateries, including several food court favourites. Get ready to sample everything from guo tie potstickers at Xi’an Cuisine—upstairs at the Richmond Public Market—to the soft, water-boiled parcels stuffed with pork and mushrooms at Red Lantern, located inside the hawker-style President Plaza Food Court.

And keep in mind that dumplings aren’t just a Chinese staple. Since cultures throughout Asia have their own distinctive versions of this ultimate belly-filler, Richmond’s Dumpling Trail also features intriguing international alternatives. Don't miss the delectable shrimp and pork tapioca banh bot loc dumplings at French-influenced Vietnamese café Ban Mi Tres Bon on the Around the World itinerary.

Dumpling Trail
Enjoy har gow, ham siu gok, siu mai, and more on the Dumpling Trail. | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Insider tips

There are several ways to ensure that your citywide dining adventure runs smoothly. Check out our hunger-busting line-up of dumpling types available on the trail, complete with handy advice on where to find them. Then, cross-reference your list of dream dumplings with our trail map to create your own itinerary. Note that some spots are easy to reach on foot or via transit while others may require driving.

A few other planning points: it’s best to gather a small group of friends to hit your chosen trail—unless you haven’t eaten for a week. And be sure to bring cash with you since some restaurants do not accept cards. Also be aware that some dim sum dumplings may only be available at certain times of the day—check out our Types of Dumplings page for more information on this.