With Easter coming up this weekend, I, like many, will be going for brunch with my family this Sunday (April 16, 2017). I’m particularly looking forward to having delicious dishes that feature eggs, a symbol for this time of year. As an ingredient, eggs have remarkable culinary versatility while being deceptively simple to cook. They serve as the litmus test for the skills of a kitchen as cooks juggle the techniques and timing involved in poaching, frying, and boiling eggs. Here in Richmond, there are numerous ways to enjoy eggs this weekend and beyond, from refined brunch with mimosas and a view, to hearty plates at Hong Kong cafes.

Eggs with a Side of Elegance

Globe@YVR; Sourced from the Fairmont Vancouver Airport

If you’re wanting a sumptuous Easter Sunday brunch buffet, some of the local hotels are the places to dine. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport (Vancouver International Airport, 3111 Grant McConachie Way) is hosting an incredible buffet brunch (11am to 2pm) that starts with an Easter egg hunt for the kiddies (10am to 11am). The buffet includes salads, sushi, pastries, seafood, hot entrees and carved items, as well as desserts. Egg-wise, there’ll be eggs Benedict with crab and preserved tomato hollandaise; quiche with asparagus, goat cheese, and preserved tomatoes; and omelettes and eggs made to order. The brunch is $85 per adult, $42.50 for kids under 12, and children 5 and under are free. On other days, the Hotel has a daily breakfast menu, with à la carte items, such as a west coast seafood omelette with crab and baby shrimp, a variety of eggs benny (eg smoked salmon eggs benny), and a kale and chorizo hash with two poached eggs. Alternatively, their daily $32 deluxe breakfast buffet features a fantastic omelette station.

CAVU Kitchen Bar at the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel (5911 Minoru Boulevard) is also hosting a lavish Easter Sunday buffet brunch (11am to 2pm). Besides salads, baked goods, and inventive mains, you can feast on hard boiled eggs, eggs Benedict with Canadian back bacon and hollandaise sauce, as well as a chef-prepared eggs to order. The brunch is $29 per adult, $24 for seniors, and $15 for kids aged 4 to 12. On regular days, eggs are made to order at their breakfast buffet ($22 per adult), and there are also à la carte options, such as a chef’s omelette with foraged mushrooms, fine herbs, truffle oil, and Okanagan goat cheese.

Eggs with a View

Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

Richmond’s coastal location makes for phenomenal views at many establishments. The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill (4760 Inglis Drive) is a lively spot, with sightlines of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Strait of Georgia. Plus, you can see the Harbour Air seaplanes coming and going on a regular basis. This casual, accessible restaurant is especially known for their breakfast/brunch, offered daily. Eggs figure in virtually all of their menu items, making it a perfect spot for those who love eggs. I can’t get enough of their short rib skillet, with two poached eggs, pulled short ribs, caramelized onions, peppers, mushrooms, mixed cheese, and hollandaise–all served over house made hash browns.

Photo Credit: Lauren Kramer

Other mouth-watering offerings include mac ‘n’ cheese topped with two over easy eggs and bacon; two scrambled eggs with mixed cheese, bacon, tomato, and lettuce on a croissant; and huevos rancheros.

Kove Kitchen (3900 Bayview Street) on Steveston’s waterfront also has a popular weekend brunch. If you’re super hungry, go for the breakfast burger with a fried egg; the steak and eggs; or the breakfast poutine with poached eggs, hash browns, cheese curds, hollandaise, and your choice of chopped ham, sausage, or bacon. The eggs benny with smoked salmon is also a good bet.

Pier 73  (Pacific Gateway Hotel, 3500 Cessna Drive), with views of the Fraser River, has a changing weekly fresh sheet for their weekend brunch, showcasing seasonal local ingredients and the chefs’ creativity. A recent sample menu featured a mouth watering “brunch "wich with scrambled eggs, smoked cheddar, Gelderman bacon, and house made BBQ sauce on a brioche bun. It came with a choice of soup, salad, or fries. Other items included bacon pancakes, a corned beef hash, a grilled veggie omelet, and a Fraser River benny with Pacific Provider smoked pink salmon, nori and yuzu base, and house hollandaise, all on a fresh herb scone. Get ready for the wonderfully unexpected!

Sourced from Executive Sous Chef Edison Antejos

Eggs, Hong Kong Café-style

Richmond has a plethora of Hong Kong cafes, where you can satisfy your egg cravings, without spending too much. These cafes specialize in casual, no fuss breakfasts that bring together the flavours of the East and the West. Happy Date Cafe (8135 Park Road) for example, allows you to customize your own omelette with add-ins like shredded chicken, mushrooms, and ham. You can have a breakfast plate with two XL fried eggs with your choice of sliced ham, pork sausage, luncheon meat, or crispy bacon. It’s served with a buttered bun, toast, or hash browns. Better yet, pair it with a noodle soup if you’re famished.

Photo Credit: Michael Kwan

Meanwhile, AAA Restaurant (8053 Alexandra Road) serves a “Western breakfast,” with various customizable combos. For example, Combo A comes with scrambled eggs with sausage; a ham omelette; or ham with pan fried eggs. They’re all served with a buttered bun, and accompanied by your choice of noodle soup, such as satay beef with macaroni in soup.

Ham omelette at AAA Restaurant; Photo Credit: Michael Kwan

At another Hong Kong cafe, Alleluia Café (188-8131 Westminster Highway), the breakfast menu includes all sorts of egg dishes, like a Spanish omelette; toast and boiled eggs with milk; and a “mix & match Western breakfast” with your choice of pan fried eggs, poached eggs, or fried egg whites.

Diner Eggs

Breakfast at a classic diner or small, unassuming café can really hit the spot! Fender’s Restaurant (13340 Smallwood Place) is certainly nothing fancy, but it makes it up with tons of egg dishes at reasonable prices. Their three-egg omelette selections include a Texas version with roast beef, cheddar cheese, onion, and green peppers. Benny fans can have renditions with smoked meat, corn beef, salmon lox, and even roast turkey.

Salmon lox benny; Photo Credit: Michael Kwan

And there’s also a breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and a choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

A huge crowd favourite is Davood’s Bistro (120-12420 No 1 Road) in Steveston that specializes in casual comfort fare made with tons of love and high quality ingredients. Eggs are available basically every way possible, including in a quiche of the day with organic greens, as well as poached in a breakfast bowl with roasted potatoes, sautéed spinach, fresh tomatoes, bratwurst sausage, and Swiss cheese. Breakfast is served daily.

Also, in Steveston, Cimona Café (210-3791 Bayview Street) offers breakfast every day, with “brekkie bowls,” eggs benedicts, three egg omelettes, and three egg breakfast wraps. A recommended dish is the chorizo hash, featuring pan-fried potatoes with chorizo sausage, green peppers, red onions, two poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. The bacon benny is also pretty satisfying.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

Eggs with a Twist

Richmond certainly proves that the possibilities with eggs are endless. If you’re looking for a twist on traditional brunch, Kumare Restaurant & Bakery (8130 Park Road) serves fried eggs alongside various Filipino specialties, like tapsilog (cured beef), longsilog (Filipino sausage), tocilog (cured sweetened pork), and bangsilog (fried fish). The plates also come with garlicky rice and chopped tomato and onion.

Bangsilog breakfast plate; Photo Credit: Carolyn B. Heller

I personally adore the unique flavour of preserved egg or century egg. In actuality, it takes a few weeks to months to preserve the egg, transforming the white into a dark brown jelly and the yolk into a firm grey centre. You can have it in breakfast congee at places such as Kongee Dinesty (150-9020 Capstan Way) or Double Double (128-4600 Number 3 Road).

Preserved egg congee at Double Double; Photo Credit: Tara Lee

Finally, the very charming Banh Mi Très Bon (1840-4720 McClelland Road) has a refreshing breakfast banh mi, with fried eggs, pâté, cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrots, as well as optional cilantro and jalapeño.

With such amazing variety, you certainly won’t tire of eating eggs for brunch. Better yet, treat yourself to chocolate eggs from Wild Sweets (2145-12191 Hammersmith Way; open Good Friday and Saturday) or Sinfully the Best (13-3993 Chatham Street), after your Easter celebration! Happy Easter, everyone!