May 8, 2020 was supposed to mark the beginning of the 20th anniversary of the Richmond Night Market. But unfortunately, we’re looking at a summer without this annual event, where over 120 food vendors offered up tasty treats, and visitors could pick up unique items at over 200 retail stalls.

We’ve previously shared where you could satisfy your night market cravings, but there are a few others treats you can pick up in Richmond. In fact, we’ve partnered with local food delivery app, Fantuan, to highlight a few Richmond restaurants where you can get some of your favourite night market treats delivered to your door. You can also follow Fantuan on Instagram to learn more about popular spots in Richmond.

About Fantuan

Founded in Vancouver in 2014, Fantuan had one goal: to make life easier. Today, it’s hard to miss the brand’s triangular logo featuring a smiling cartoon rice ball on many Asian restaurant windows and doors across Metro Vancouver. And much to the delight of foodies everywhere, the company recently made its Chinese-language app available in English. The best part? Fantuan has partnered with about 400 restaurants in Richmond—many of which offer some of the most popular dishes at night market, delivered right to your door.

You can download the latest version from the Apple store or the Google Play storeor you can simply scan the QR code below to download the app.

Fantuan QR Code

BBQ Meat Skewers

Where to get them: The Meat Up (3580 No. 3 Road) or Beijiang Restaurant (8111 Leslie Road)

“Welcome to Richmond Night Market! Happy Saturday!” It’s almost impossible to miss Chef James’ booming voice with his portable speaker and microphone he has strapped to him while he and his team whip up thousands of delicious lamb, chicken, beef, and shrimp skewers all night long at the Richmond Night Market.

To fill this skewer-shaped void, head to The Meat Up, a Northern Chinese restaurant specializing in barbecued meat skewers. You can choose from the usual proteins (beef, chicken, and lamb) as well as seafood options such as scallop, spicy shrimp, and squid.

But if you’re looking for lamb specifically, Beijiang Restaurant wins that round, hands down. Their signature cumin lamb skewers can't be missed—they're delicious, juicy, and full of flavour. 

Souffle Pancakes

Where to get them: Gram Café (Aberdeen Centre, first floor)

Last year, Fluffy Pancakes made their debut at the Richmond Night Market with five different flavours, and it was one heck of an Instagram-worthy dessert. This year, they had plans to come back to the night market under a different brand, and with new dessert options to boot.

So, while we can’t get our fluffy, sky-high pancake fix at the night market this year, we can still hit up Gram Café in Aberdeen Centre for their internationally-renowned Japanese souffle pancakes. The iconic Japanese brand came to Richmond in early 2020 with plans to expand into Metro Vancouver. Make sure you get your orders in, as these triple-stacked pancakes are only available three times per day!

Icy Fruit Desserts

Where to get them: Mango Yummy Dessert Shop (8271 Westminster Highway), Snowy Village Dessert Café (8571 Alexandra Road)

Nothing says summer like a freshly cut up mango served over a bed of shaved ice and covered in vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. Bonus points if you like adding extra toppings like strawberries, sago, and mini tapioca pearls! There’s nothing quite like enjoying a mango dessert like this on a hot summer’s day.

For those looking to fulfill their shaved ice cravings, we suggest indulging in a shaved ice dessert at Mango Yummy Dessert Shop’s newly opened café on Westminster Highway. And if you’re a fan of bingsoo, Snowy Village Dessert Café is where you can get your fix of those milky, fruity desserts. For those wondering how these are delivered, don’t worry—they come in their own insulated bag with a cold pack to keep the desserts icy cold upon delivery.

Shaved ice mango dessert
There's nothing like a delicious mango dessert.  | Photo: Tourism Richmond

Egg Waffles

Where to get them: Happy Lemon Richmond (#105 – 6011 No. 3 Road)

Let’s just admit it: egg waffles are insanely hard to put down. They’re the perfect bite-sized, pop-in-your-mouth treat to take anywhere. They’re a traditional street snack food in Asia and they’ve made their way over to North America in a big way. You can enjoy them on their own without any modifications, or you can get creative and add your own toppings such as ice cream, fresh fruit, or a nice chocolate drizzle.

While you can get these at quite a few Hong Kong-style cafes and dessert cafes in Richmond, there’s only one that will deliver to your door: Happy Lemon Richmond. They offer their egg waffles in both the original and chocolate flavours. Bonus: they also offer some unique bubble tea creations, including their salted cheese milk tea series.

Download the App

Don’t forget to download Fantuan’s delivery app through the Apple store or the Google Play store to be able to get these treats delivered directly to your door!