Following its inaugural run in 2018, the second annual Feast Asian Dining Festival is back—and this year’s entrée-sized event is far bigger. Doubling in duration from two weeks to one month, the taste-tripping extravaganza will serve up special set menus at dozens of eateries in Richmond. 

Running from October 18 to November 18, 2019, this unique event showcases the area’s unrivalled wealth of Asian-inspired cuisine. Feast takes a family-style dining approach, and restaurant goers can choose from easy-to-order set menus and accessible prices for groups (in most cases), reflecting the shared, multi-dish style common to many Asian dining experiences.

Feast Asian Dining Festival
Hotpot Palace is participating in Feast. | Photo: Hotpot Palace

Why dine?

Richmond’s authentic international culinary scene has long been revered—the New York Times has described the city as the home of “the best Asian food in North America”—but some local and visiting diners have noted it can sometimes be daunting to access. Events like the Richmond Night Market have encouraged culinary exploration, but Feast opens up the scene even further.

From Chinese and Indian restaurants to Japanese and Korean eateries, Feast Asian Dining Festival's special menus are all available in English. Each menu showcases a curated selection of dishes at their establishment, enabling diners to easily order a shareable set meal and tuck into a range of intriguing items they might not otherwise have discovered.

The festival isn’t just for first-timers, though. Even experienced Asian food fans often visit the same tried-and-tested eateries, and Feast aims to encourage these frequent restaurant-goers to try unfamiliar establishments and discover new favourites.

Feast Asian Dining Festival
Shanghai Wonderful is participating in Feast. | Photo: Feast Asian Dining Festival

Who’s participating?

Many Richmond restaurants have signed up to participate in 2019, from well-established classic eateries to tempting places diners may not have heard of. Additional options are expected to join the party before the October 18 kick-off. So far, though, the array of local eateries to choose from includes a wide range of options—with various Chinese cuisines leading the way.

Alongside near-legendary favourites such as Continental Seafood Restaurant, Chef Tony Restaurant, and Jade Seafood Restaurant, Chinese food fans can also check out Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant, Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant, Su Hang Restaurant, Tin Tin Seafood Harbour, Club One Cafe, Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant, Gingeri Chinese Cuisine, and JiangHu Taiwanese Pot & Wok Cuisines. Keen to try more than one hot pot joint? Don't miss Hotpot Palace and Liuyishou Hot Pot.

Feast isn’t only about Chinese dining, though. Participating Japanese restaurants include Toku Japanese Restaurant, Pokey Okey, Yokohama Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar, and Kanpeki Teppanyaki & Seafood Bar. Korean dishes are also on the menu at Mr. Bro Korean Bistro & Izakaya, while Xyclo Bistro brings its specialty Vietnamese dishes to the table. And if delicious Indian cuisine floats your boat, consider Ginger Indian Cuisine.

Over in Steveston—a popular Richmond dine-out destination in its own right—local restaurants are also getting in on the act. En route to the village at Ironwood Mall on Steveston Highway, Westcoast Poké and Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant will be joining in. While in the village itself, you’ll also have Ora Sushi, Ichiro Japanese Restaurant, and Anar Persian Cuisine to choose from. And in the nearby London Landing area, Ember Indian Kitchen will also be participating.

Feast Asian Dining Festival
Yokohama Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar is participating in Feast. | Photo: Feast Asian Dining Festival

What’s on the menu?

Diners will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing their specific Feast Asian culinary adventures. Among the intriguing choices, Hotpot Palace is offering a $38 set menu that includes an appetizer and dessert as well as delicious main course choices of lamb, pork neck or AAA Angus beef—plus broths ranging from sukiyaki to Szechuan-style spicy.

In contrast, Mr. Bro Korean Bistro & Izakaya​ is serving up a four-course Korean option, drinks included. Priced at $48 for two people, a first course salad (complete with banana dressing) is followed by sweet and sour chicken and royal stir-fried glass noodles. The main course is a Mr. Bro signature that will likely have you coming back for more as soon as you can: grilled spareribs. And the drinks? There are four choices, including rice punch and grape bong bong.

And if you thought poké bowls were simply a quick and healthy way to fuel up on a busy day, don't miss the amazing Gold Bowl at Pokey Okey. This popular Anderson Road eatery is well-known for its Red, Green, and Yellow bowls. But their extra special Feast festival $66 Gold version is a sumptuous, high-end treat, complete with ingredients including BC uni, Hokkaido scallops, sturgeon caviar, and forbidden rice. It’s the gold standard of Richmond poké bowls.

Persian food fans should check out Steveston’s charming Anar Persian Cuisine, recently opened in a new heritage building location in the heart of the village. Anar is offering three of their favourite dishes for just $14 each. Choices include slow-cooked lamb shank served with fava beans and basmati dill rice; slow cooked chicken leg with basmati rice topped with saffron and barberries; and premium beef and lamb skewers served with saffron rice, grilled tomato, mini pickles, and more.


This year’s Feast Asian Dining Festival runs from October 18 to November 18, 2019. Diners can peruse the event’s dedicated website for a full menu of participating restaurants. You are advised to contact restaurants individually to reserve your tables ahead of time.