In light of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, local businesses in Richmond have pivoted their operations to offer a different type of experience to their customers. Whether they're offering takeout and delivery, or manufacturing personal hygiene products, businesses are finding innovative ways to adapt to the current situation. And while doing so, some Richmond businesses are also going above and beyond to give back to our local community.

Read on for some inspiring, feel-good stories from Richmond businesses that will lift your spirits. And while you're at it, check out this list of businesses that are open and could use some local support!

Lulu Island Winery Manufactures Hand Sanitizer

Lulu Island Winery is the largest winery in Metro Vancouver and is known for its award-winning icewines. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, hand sanitizers have become a high-demand commodity with limited supply. To address this gap in the market, Lulu Island Winery has spent three weeks formulating and distilling a 75% high-concentration alcohol sanitizer that has been licensed by Health Canada.  

To ensure front-line workers have adequate access, Lulu Island Winery has donated 90% of its first batch of hand sanitizers to Richmond and Vancouver front-line workers and local agencies.

Hand Sanitizer by Lulu Island Winery
Hand sanitizer produced by Lulu Island Winery. | Photo: Lulu Island Winery

Steveston Seafood House Donates Easter Meals

This Easter, Steveston Seafood House did not forget about the little fighters—sick children—at BC Children’s Hospital. Shane Dagan, owner of Steveston Seafood House, was made aware that families of sick children were stuck living at the hospital due to the COVID-19 situation. Coupled with only having access to hospital cafeteria food, Shane decided to delight the children and their parents by donating 40 Easter dinners, consisting of cranberry, apple, and pecan-stuffed pork tenderloin. In partnership with Balding for Dollars, Steveston Seafood House also provided an additional 25 meals to the nursing staff as a token of appreciation. Steveston Seafood House’s generous donation made Easter a little bit brighter for these strong kids. 

In addition to sponsored meals, Shane has also donated five percent of restaurant sales to the Richmond Food Bank, presenting them with a cheque for over $2,000 just last month.

Steveston Seafood House Easter Meals
A delicious seafood dish from Steveston Seafood House. | Photo: Steveston Seafood House

Chopsticks to Heroes

COVID-19 has shown us that we are all stronger as one. The Chopsticks to Heroes campaign, championed by the Chinese Restaurant Awards, is a demonstration of how competing businesses can come together for a common cause. More than 40 restaurants in Metro Vancouver have joined forces to donate hearty and nutritious meals to help fuel health care workers. 

Participating Richmond restaurants include Dinesty Dumpling House, Hotpot Palace, Jianghu Taiwanese Pots & Wok Cuisines, and The Dolar Shop. Over 600 meals have been delivered to the Richmond General Hospital in April courtesy of local restaurants and online donations.

Chopsticks to Heroes
A delicious spread of dumplings. | Photo: Dinesty Dumpling House

Goodbowl Contributes Meals to Frontline Workers

Goodbowl opened its doors to the Richmond community back in 2018, and has since offered an array of fresh and healthy options. During these difficult times, Goodbowl has decided to continue to serve its community by remaining open for business. The restaurant has taken a number of initiatives to ensure our frontline workers, and its dedicated patrons, are able to enjoy meals from Goodbowl at an affordable price.

The restaurant is running a front-line worker donation campaign, where you can donate a Regular Goodbowl and Fresh Made Energy Bite to healthcare workers for only $10. Goodbowl has also recently donated 70 meals to vulnerable children and their families through the Kidsafe Project, and continues to provide meals to healthcare workers through the Feed the Frontline Vancouver GoFundMe campaign.

Aside from donating meals, Goodbowl has also launched a phone app where residents can purchase groceries from restaurant suppliers instead of having to line up at grocery stores. 

Fresh meal and smoothie from Goodbowl
A freshly-prepared meal and a green smoothie. | Photo Credit: Goodbowl