Richmond’s amazing sushi scene doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. This city has an abundance of Japanese restaurants that feature expert sushi technique, high-quality seafood, and both authentic and fusion creations. Pick up your chopsticks and get eating at these five stellar sushi spots.

5. Mega Sushi

For pure fun, you can’t beat the creativity and plating at this Steveston sushi destination. The biggest crowd pleaser is the Godzilla bite, which features chopped scallop, tuna, and salmon on deep fried seaweed and rice. Each piece is then garnished with alfalfa sprouts and tobiko (flying fish roe). Tempura crunch with flaming whisky in the centre of the dish proves that Godzilla has left his mark.

Location: 100-3131 Chatham St.

Mega Sushi
Mega Sushi  | Photo: ​Tara Lee

4. Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

Sit back and relax in this stylishly elegant room as you await some of the best traditional and inventive sushi in town. Especially recommended is the chopped scallop roll, wrapped in soy paper and topped with chopped scallop and mango ($10). Nigiri, like tamago (egg) and uni (sea urchin), evidence a delicate attention to sushi making.

Location: 190-8780 Blundell Rd.

Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar | Photo: ​Tara Lee

3. Seto Japanese Restaurant

This popular sushi establishment boasts an extensive menu of traditional Japanese fare, attentive service, and casual, inviting surroundings. Booths, made semi-private with rice paper partitions, are ideal for enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family. The saba battera ($12) consists of vinegar-y sushi rice with marinated mackerel pressed into a box mold. Shiso leaf in the centre, and a thin layer of sweet seaweed on top add further flavour dimensions.

Location: 155-8460 Alexandra Rd.

Seto Japanese Restaurant | Photo: ​Tara Lee

 2. Takeya Sushi

This unassuming café and take-out spot offers reasonably priced Japanese food far superior to that of the usual, ubiquitous sushi joint. Owned by the more upscale Ichiro (110-12011 2nd Avenue), Takeya serves a variety of sashimi, nigiri, and rolls, as well as Chef’s Specials, like the B.L.E. (bacon, lettuce, and egg) roll. Make sure to order the seafood aburi roll ($12.95), which consists of a California roll, topped with flame seared tuna, salmon, and scallop.

Location: 17-8647 Number One Rd.

Takeya Sushi | Photo: ​Tara Lee

1. Sushi Hachi

Reservations are recommended if you want to avoid disappointment. This small, charming restaurant prides itself on beautifully crafted sushi that showcases deft knife cuts and the finest of ingredients. Place yourself in capable hands with the Chef’s Choice ($25) of 10 pieces of sushi and one roll. Depending on availability, selections could include a negitoro (tuna belly with green onion) roll, as well as hotate (scallop) and hamachi (yellow tail) nigiri.

Location: 1278-8888 Odlin Crescent

Sushi Hachi
Sushi Hachi | Photo: ​Tara Lee