Hi!  I’m Lindsay, and for the next 365 days I’ll be living my dream. During the year I’ll be noshing my way through restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and markets in the city of Richmond and blogging about every last thing I eat. Some dishes I’ll love, some I’ll like, and some I may downright despise, but I promise to always be forthcoming with my thoughts. As my father once told me, “For better or for worse, one thing you’ve always been is direct.” I chose to take that as a compliment, and will put this trait to work here.

Richmond is a community of 200,000 people with over 800 restaurants; of these, approximately 400 are Asian, and many offer what The New York Times called “the best Chinese food outside of China.” When it comes to Asian cuisine, I’ll readily admit I’m no expert; I’ve never had a bowl of congee, for example, which is a staple in many countries. Why do I consider this an advantage? Because just as I do when I travel, I’ll be discovering, exploring, and learning about Richmond with an unassuming and fresh perspective. It’s uncharted territory for me, and I won’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Through this blog I’ll share my newly-acquired knowledge with you, and hopefully we’ll all come away as smarter, more interesting people with plenty of “did you know…” lines to drop at cocktail parties. I’ve never refused a dish offered to me, so you don’t have to worry that I’ll be playing it safe.  In fact, much to my mother’s chagrin, the safe route has never been my style.

Here’s what I’d like to achieve with this blog:  I want to explore Richmond and show all it has to offer, especially when it comes to the edible. I want to taste as many new foods as I can, learn about the people who made them, and discover the history behind them. Food is, after all, about so much more than just the nutrients (or lack thereof) that enter your body. 

I plan on setting goals for myself, and want you to hold me accountable for them.

I’m rather afraid of heights, for example, so I’d like to face that fear by taking climbing lessons on the new wall at the Richmond Oval. You may need to encourage me sometimes, because no matter how ambitious I am, I may a) get scared (that climbing wall is BIG), and b) have days where all I want is a glass of water, some carrot sticks, and a nap.  Perhaps those are the days for congee.

Another thing I’d like is for you to get to know me a little better.  Here are some fun (and a few embarrassing) facts about my life:

- I was born and raised in northern British Columbia, and fiercely love this province.
- I’m 27 years old, approximately 5’9” tall, and weigh 155 pounds. You may now begin placing bets on how that last figure will change throughout the year.
- I have an older brother named Mark, a younger sister named Kate, and our parents are Brock and Ina.  You’ll be meeting them all eventually, as well as many of my lovely, talented, and quirky friends.
- In the past 5 years, I’ve spent a total of 12 months living in a tent while cooking for tree-planters.
- If I hadn’t become friends with many of those planters, my social circle would be approximately 93% smaller.
- Believing it to be a soft cheese, I once consumed a disturbingly large amount of butter.  This gives you an understanding of just how much I love both, and how daft I can be when I’m tired.
- I have a policy that if I don’t like a particular food, I keep eating it until I do.  So far this has worked with all but one – okra – which I find unappealing and slimy.  But I shall persevere!  You’re going down okra.
- I love riding my bike, and used to belong to a bike gang called The Cheese Wheels.  Believe it or not, no one was afraid of us.
- I once accidentally accepted a marriage proposal while sitting in a river in rural Mozambique.  Needless to say, I managed to get out of it.
- I’m nervous; I’m new to all of this attention and currently have thousands of thoughts/hopes/worries careening about in my mind.  So many people have helped me get to where I am, and I want to do you proud.

There you have it, Lindsay in a nutshell (toasted pecans are my favourite nut, by the way).  Now I have a favour to ask: since I always dine at restaurants suggested by locals, I’d like to ask everyone to kindly offer me some advice for my first week.

Where are your favourite places or meals to eat in Richmond?