It’s that time of year when the weather can easily interrupt your best-laid plans for an active day out. But if you’re smart, you’ll beeline straight to one of Richmond’s coolest indoor attractions—and have a blast without even realizing it’s still winter outside.

The city’s Apex Adventure Plex—one of only two in Canada—opened in 2017. Aimed at people of all ages and abilities, you can tackle unique obstacle courses, roll around in huge inflatable bubbles, and bounce around on a wide array of trampolines. The indoor entertainment park also hosts weekly adult nights and is about to officially launch two new activity areas.

For locals and visitors yet to discover its heart-pumping charms, we chatted with Apex managing partner Luke Shaheen for some insights and handy insider tips.

Apex Adventure Plex
There are plenty of ways to stay fit and have fun at Apex. | Photo: Apex Adventure Plex

Tourism Richmond (TR): In a nutshell, what is Apex Adventure Plex all about?

Luke Shaheen (LS): It’s designed to be a one-stop-shop for a wide range of indoor adventure activities. You pay one fee and then you get access to all of the equipment and activity zones. At 48,000 square feet, the Richmond site is our largest but we’re still adding to it—it’s constantly changing and evolving.

TR: How many zones are there?

LS: The zones in Richmond include a Ninja Course, Bubble Soccer, and a Trampoline Park. We’re also in the process of introducing new Rock Climbing and Parkour zones. Visitors often come here to check out one of the zones but they usually end up trying the others as well!

Apex Adventure Plex
The Bubble Soccer zone at Apex. | Photo: Apex Adventure Plex

TR: Tell us a bit more about the Ninja Course?

LS: It’s divided into three lanes, each aimed at different ages and abilities. You can tackle as many lanes as you like—they get progressively more difficult—and each is made up of a series of obstacles, ranging from swings to cargo nets to spider walls.

TR: And what exactly is Bubble Soccer?

LS: This is one of my favourites! Participants slide into huge inflatable zorbs, then they run around bouncing off each other as well as the cushioned walls and floor. The idea is take each other out!

TR: You also have trampolines?

LS: Our Trampoline Park is state-of-the-art and—like the rest of our facilities—the equipment is all made in Canada, apart from its top-of-the-range European airbags. This area is really popular with families and first-time visitors. There’s a wide variety of things you can do in this zone, from regular trampolines to half pipes to trampoline basketball. My favourite activity in the trampoline area is wall running.

Apex Adventure Plex
Wall running at Apex. | Photo: Apex Adventure Plex

TR: Tell us about the new zones you’re launching.

LS: Our newest zones are Rock Climbing and Parkour. We opened the climbing zone’s first phase a few months back and it has been really popular. We’ll be officially launching its second phase in the next few weeks. It’ll be a free climb wall that you tackle without a harness—with lots of cushioning for unexpected falls.

We’ll also be officially opening our Parkour Zone [parkour is a jumping, running, and climbing activity developed in France] in the next few weeks. It’s a padded, free-run course and we think it’s going to be really popular. We wanted to try something new with this and we’ve already been testing it out during a soft opening period—it’s been a big hit so far.

Apex Adventure Plex
The rock climbing zone at Apex. | Photo: Apex Adventure Plex

TR: Who is Apex aimed at?

LS: We have a really rounded audience, including fitness groups and families who are looking for activities they can do together. It’s a really great way to get you kids off the sofa and into some more active pursuits.

TR: Tell us about your adults-only nights?

LS: Some of our older users wanted to spend time here without there being any small kids around. So we started Club Apex—it’s kind of like a ‘dry nightclub’—on Friday evenings [8:00pm to 11:00pm]. We bring the house lights down and kick off the music and disco lighting: it’s a great alternative night out!

TR: Do you have any tips for first-time Apex Adventure Plex visitors?

LS: We provide all the equipment you need, including the Apex socks that everyone has to wear here. Pricing is the same whatever age you are and it starts at $14.29 per half-hour—which gives you access to all the zones. All you need to do is dress for activity and prepare yourself for a good time. The bottom line is that this is a great way to have a blast in Richmond, rain or shine!