There really isn’t a better way to spend a blissfully sunny afternoon than in Steveston, where you can pair a good meal and a small village vibe to fill an empty stomach.

A friend invited me out to a local favourite, Mega Sushi, a Japanese restaurant tucked away on Chatham St. I like to call myself a “sushi optimist”.  I always go into a sushi meal expecting the best: fresh fish, well cooked rice, and beautiful presentation.  I had heard that Mega Sushi could fulfill all three of my expectations and I was not disappointed!

Mega Sushi Steveston Lunch Special

My friend chose the ‘nigiri sushi set’ which is on their lunch time special menu.  It was quite a large meal that had: half California roll, half dynamite roll, assorted nigiri (tuna, ebi tao, salmon and chopped scallop), agedashi tofu, edamame, ebi snomono and a steaming bowl of miso soup. She commented on how fresh the seafood tasted and how nice and filling of a meal it was. With all of the different elements included, it left her satisfied without any food-envy.


I started with the tuna gomae which was served beautifully and tasted exceptional.  Tuna gomae incorporates sliced of raw tuna sashimi with cold pressed spinach and a sesame dressing. I have never been one to go out of my way to order anything with spinach, let alone cold spinach with fish, but let me tell you, this dish will always now be a favourite for me in Steveston. It is refreshing and guilt-free, and since this lunch, I dream about it on a regular basis.

stanley roll

I also opted for the ‘Stanley Roll’. This roll consisted of prawn tempura and cucumber topped with sliced avocado, spicy tuna, green onion, tobiko and yam flakes. The roll was incredibly well balanced and just the ‘right’ amount of spicy, without being too complicated. The roll was also presented beautifully, like every other dish that we saw passing our table on the way to other diners.

The service, food, and atmosphere were all perfectly in sync to make it a great lunch in Steveston. It’s usually best to call ahead and make a reservation because their lunch and dinner time rush often fill the restaurant to the brim.

After our time in Steveston, I headed towards Central Richmond to do some shopping at Richmond Centre. Feeling like I needed a treat to enjoy while on my shopping adventure, I stopped at Qoola, a fro-yo place which has a location in the mall near ‘The Bay’. It’s definitely the largest Qoola location that I have been to, offering savoury eats along with their frozen yogurt. Curious about the savoury, I ordered a chicken quinoa wrap that was made to order. It had many different ingredients including: chicken breast, quinoa, feta cheese, peppers and a tangy balsamic dressing. The flavours of the wrap were a bit overwhelming at first, but after the first few bites, the wrap turned out to be quite delicious and light.


While deciding on which fro-yo to swirl into my cup, I ran into a friend who was also debating the 8 different flavours. She wound up choosing the organic green tea flavour while I went for the pure organic yogurt which is made from 100% Canadian milk, organic cane sugar and is completely GMO free! I was really happy to see a company take initiative and offer this choice to customers.


Qoola has lots of options for toppings. From fresh fruit, to delicious chocolate and candy, you can be as healthy, or as naughty as you’re inclined to be.

The frozen yogurt was delicious. You can really taste the quality of ingredients and the thought put into carefully balancing the flavours. I opted for candy toppings while my friend went the more sensible route with lots of fresh fruit (she snuck some chocolate in there too). She commented on how great the fruit was and how nice of an option it was to have as a topping.


I would definitely recommend that all Richmond Centre shopping trips start with a delicious stop at Qoola!