Milk & Eggs is a bistro well known for its desserts and tea selection. However, people might be surprised that they have a full lunch and dinner menu featuring a mix of different cultures. At Milk & Eggs this includes Italian, Vietnamese and Japanese. How can a menu this diverse do well? They keep it fairly simple with popular dishes from each cuisine.

Located in Pacific Plaza, the restaurant is a couple blocks away from the Aberdeen Canada Line station and is easily accessible by car or bus. Milk & Eggs is open for lunch with specials and in the evening until late at night. They opened several months ago during the early fall and still have their soft opening menu available. That being said, the menu might change a bit in the coming months.

We started off with a Soda Float ($7) and Mango Black Tea ($5).

Milk and Eggs Cream Soda
Photo Credit: Dee de los Santos

Diners can customize their Soda Floats with any of Milk & Eggs’ carbonated beverage offerings and house-made ice creams. I chose Cream Soda and Vanilla, a classic paring. The ice cream wasn’t overly sweet and had a great, distinct taste of vanilla.

Milk and Eggs Mango Black tea
Photo Credit: Dee de los Santos

The mango black tea is served hot with cream and sugar on the side. The black tea is good on its own with the nice, bright taste of mango, but if you’re looking for a heavier taste, the cream is a welcome addition.

For appetizers, I ordered the Mussels ($12) and Garlic butter French fries ($5).

Milk and Eggs Mussels in Cream Tomato Sauce
Photo Credit: Dee de los Santos

The mussels in tomato and cream sauce is a surprisingly good dish – considering many fine dining places can get it wrong. When ordered as an appetizer, this dish weighs in at 1/2 a pound! The wonderfully fresh mussels weren’t overly briny  and the tomato and cream sauce added a nice heaviness to the dish; I would have loved to see a bit more of the sauce here, along with some bread to enjoy it with.

Milk and Eggs Garlic Butter Fries
Photo Credit: Dee de los Santos

Garlic Butter French Fries is a fairly typical menu item at many restaurants, but here at Milk & Eggs, they are delicious. The crispy, shoestring fries are tossed in a generous amount of garlic butter, a bit of pepper and a bit of scallions. A sriracha-mayo sauce and ketchup are served on the side. The mayo sauce is a welcome addition, elevating the taste of the fries with a bit of a kick.

Milk and Eggs Shiitake Fettucine
Photo Credit: Dee de los Santos

The one dish that caught my eye in the mains section of the menu was the Shiitake Mushroom Stuffed Meatball Fettuccine ($13). The fettuccine is served in a white wine cream sauce with two large panko crusted meatballs stuffed with shiitake mushroom and a preserved olive filling. I added a side of garlic bread here.

I found that the fettuccine was a little bit under done, but it was served with a good amount of cream sauce – nothing is worse than going to a place that drowns pasta in sauce. The real star of the dish was the meatballs. They were much larger than what you would expect when ordering a plate of pasta and meatballs and the filling inside is great. The outside is nice and crispy, thanks to the panko breading, and the inside is a juicy mix of shiitake, olive and beef. The shiitake taste definitely is the strongest of flavours in the meatball, without being too overpowering. The meatball was  heavy and savoury, and although there are many components that could make it salty, I didn’t find it overly salty at all. The cream sauce on top of the meatball added to the dishes’ flavour and cleaned up the overall taste.

Milk and Eggs Chocolate Parfait
Photo Credit: Dee de los Santos

We finished the meal with dessert: a Chocolate Mousse Parfait ($8).  This dish is created with chocolate mousse, freshly made whipping cream, crushed Oreo cookies, your choice of their homemade ice cream and to top it off: a bit more whipped cream and seasonal fruit. The chocolate mousse is nice – fluffy and creamy, the thin layer of crushed Oreos created a good crunch with every spoonful. The strawberry cut the creaminess of the chocolate and acted as a palate cleanser between bites. While the dessert is a perfect ending to a full meal, it was on the smaller side. For those looking for desserts specifically, the soda floats offers the best value.

Overall, Milk & Eggs is a great addition to Richmond’s dining scene. Satisfying the sweet tooth and catering to different tastes means there is something for everyone on the menu. This is particularly helpful when you’re with friends who are picky eaters or can’t decide on one cuisine. Milk & Eggs is also just as good a place for those who are looking to sit down, have a nice cup of coffee and a sweet treat. There is plenty of free parking in the Pacific Plaza and on the street. Milk & Eggs price point is a bit on the higher side with dishes ranging between $10-30. It is a great date night spot and can accommodate big groups.