chocolate cake from Berry Good

Cake fiends – this is your post!

Berry Good

Some fellow dessert-loving friends joined me for an evening at Berry Good, a small dessert restaurant located on McKim Way, in the same mall as J&C Top Gun Restaurant. 

Berry Good restaurant

The shop is tiny, with tables setup along the walls, and pictures of tea lining a faux rock-covered wall.  The menu is comprised of drink after drink after drink, most of them coffee and tea based, with cakes and cheesecakes that change daily.

Berry Good

I had an iced mix grain latte, which is a Korean drink I’d never heard of before.  Our server said it’s made by boiling corn, soybeans, black rice, white rice (and I think also barley), then using the resulting liquid like a tea.  The texture of the drink (which was mixed with whole milk and served over ice) was slightly textured; not gritty, but not quite smooth either, and it had a wholesome, roasted flavour.  As someone who can’t drink coffee, I was thrilled with this new alternative-drink discovery, and especially appreciated the fact they bring a separate bottle of simple syrup so you can sweeten drinks to your liking.

mixed grain latte

There was a little note tucked into the back of the menu that suggested customers look in the pastry case to see the selection of cakes, many of which change daily.  All of their gorgeous cakes are made in-house, and there’s clearly a pastry chef producing them.


Flavours included white chocolate cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake, jasmine tea cheesecake, earl grey cheesecake, mango cheesecake, chocolate cake, sweet potato cake, green tea chiffon cake, and others.

noir blanc cake at Berrt Good

We asked for three: the earl grey cheesecake, the sweet potato cake, and the noir blanc cake (each $4.99).

They were all lovely.  The sweet potato cake tasted very much like sweet potato, with cake that had an airy yet firm texture.  The filling was barely sweet, and possessed that slightly starchy comfort of sweet potato pie.

sweet potato cake

The New York-style earl grey cheesecake was lush in texture, but I personally would have preferred a slightly stronger tea flavour in it.  Still, it was nice.

earl grey cheesecake

The noir blanc cake had layers of chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate cream.  It was wonderful, and hallelujah – they use real cream!  And LOTS of it!

noir blanc cake

Overall, we really enjoyed our dessert session at Berry Good, which is a popular late-light hangout (they don’t open until 6pm most days and stay open until midnight).  It’s the perfect place to meet up with friends, or head to when it’s late at night and you’re dying for something sweet (that’s not from Seven Eleven).  A homemade chocolate chip cookie, or slice of green tea chiffon cake, anyone?

green tea chiffon cake


Berry Good

8766 McKim Way, Richmond BC


Cash and debit accepted