Big Bite Pizza

Here’s a terrible idea: allowing myself to wander through Steveston with no set plan beyond “find awesome food to bring to Dana’s house.”  Steveston has too many good places to choose from, and I really should have known I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

Could-a, would-a, should-a.

Dana, whom you’ve all met many times, got a mild concussion last week snowboarding, and is still stuck at home with a headache.  Obviously, brain injuries are something to be taken very seriously, so she’s heeded the doctor’s warnings and not watched any TV, stayed off her computer, avoided crowds, not cycled, and hasn’t engaged in ‘any serious brain activity’ at all.  Needless to say, SHE IS SO BORED.  Fortunately, she can still eat, which partners well with my instinctual desire to feed people in (any) situation.  Yesterday, I took her car and told her I’d bring her dinner from Richmond, thus beginning an afternoon-long trek through Steveston and the accumulation of a LOT OF FOOD.

Steveston sky

My original plan was to get pizza at Big Bite Pizzeria on No. 1 Road, but then I thought “maybe I should check out Diplomat Bakery too,” and things just spiraled out of control from there.  I drove to the Diplomat and asked for a cinnamon bun and three cookies – chocolate chip oatmeal, peanut butter, and white chocolate macadamia – then saw Nirvana Organics next door, and decided to visit it as well.

Diplomat Bakery treats

It’s a shop specializing in local and organic foods, with fresh, house-made soups they sell for lunch by the bowl.

Nirvana Organics

They also have several freezers with house-made frozen meals, most of them containing the same organic ingredients they sell in the shop.

Pot pie for sale at Nirvana Organics

I couldn’t decide between the chicken pot pie (a crazy good steal at only $5.80 each) and the beef, ricotta, and spinach lasagna ($15) so…..I got both.


Next I paid a visit to Heringer’s, which smelled like meat heaven itself.  They had two enormous porchettas roasting in the oven (for sale today), and Chad brought them out for me to have a look.  That right there is pork perfection:


If you’re a porchetta fan, GET TO HERINGER’S.  Get to Heringer’s now!!!  They sell it by the slice, and it’s a good thing they weren’t ready yesterday, otherwise I probably would have tried to buy one.  An entire one.  Instead, I got a bottle of their house-made fresh fig and vanilla balsamic dressing for salad!

Heringer's fig and vanilla balsamic dressing

With the bizarre belief I had not yet acquired enough dessert, I next wandered over to Papi’s Market, and picked up their chocolate olive oil cake.  It was tough to decide between that and the citrus olive oil cake –  I had it last summer and ADORED the stuff.

Papi's' chocolate olive oil cake

After an affirming cup of Orange Pekoe at Rocanini, I picked up the pizza I’d ordered at Big Bite.  It’s a small, family run takeout joint with plenty of vegetarian options on the menu.

Big Bite Pizzeria

I went with the Pesto Supremo (about $15 with tax) which had pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, spinach, roasted garlic, edam, and mozzarella.  They also offer baked pastas, salads, chicken wings, cheese sticks, and subs.

Big Bite Pizzeria

Once back in the car, I finally had a look at all the food I’d assembled.  Whoops.  Thank GOODNESS the Sweet Spot and Bell’s are closed on Mondays, otherwise the pile would have been bigger.


I called my friend Heather and asked her to join us, and a little while later, at a table adorned with some of Dana’s ‘brain get better!’ flowers, we feasted.


The Big Bite Pizza was awesome, with a fresh crust, plenty of toppings, and good cheese.  This is a vegetarian option I would definitely get again.

Big Bite Pesto Supremo Pizza

The chicken pot pie and lasagna were also great, not to mention amazingly affordable for organic meals.

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie


Our arugula, pepper, and pumpkin seed salad with the Heringer’s dressing was wonderful!  I can see why this is one of their most popular dressings.  The desserts were also great, though we were so full we barely put a dent in them.

arugula salad

Dana texted me this morning and said “I’m having lasagna for breakfast, and it’s delicious!”  Good thing, because there’s so much of it I think she’ll be having lasagna/pizza/cake for lunch, dinner, and breakfast again tomorrow.  I hope her noggin feels better really soon.

To all the shops in Steveston who contributed to our meal, thank you, and may I never be allowed to shop in your stores without a set plan again.


Big Bite Pizzeria

12420 No. 1 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available