I finally made it to Bubble Queen!  A couple of weeks ago I tried to find it, ended up wandering aimlessly around Pacific Plaza, and eventually wound up in the mall’s food court instead.  This time I was determined, and STILL ended up lost for awhile!  Then I remembered that someone had told me it’s down McKim Way, NOT Odlin (as the map states, thanks for nothing, Google) and finally I had success.  Both my friend and I ordered a drink, and of course we got a bubble waffle.

Bubble Queen deals mainly in sugar; upon entering you’re hit with a waft of syrupy, sweet air.  The small space is literally packed with fruit and candy – there are rows of mangos on shelves above the kitchen, and stacks of chocolate and cookies lining the back walls.  Behind the counter there are containers filled with various jellies, purees, pearls, fruit, and all sorts of other toppings you can add to your drink.  We let about six other customers go before us, as we were having quite the time making up our minds.

They have little white menu books, which sort of look like diaries, for customers to browse and see what their options are.  We first started with our bubble waffle choice, as there are MANY flavours to choose from (at $3.25 each).

Mango, green tea, Oreo, chocolate, strawberry with white chocolate, and sesame were just some of the options.  We asked for a recommendation, and the servers behind the counter all answered with a resounding “OREO!!!!”  You can get extra toppings (most for 50 cents each) such as red bean, Oreo crumbs, and dark chocolate chips.

Next it was time to decide on the drinks, which is even more difficult.  I’m a sucker for chocolate, so we settled on the Ferrero Rocher slush ($5.45, which is like a milkshake) with pearls, and a mango slush with coconut mango jelly (which I believe came to around $5).  We got them both half-sweet.

As usual, they were enormous.  The chocolate drink came with a Ferrero Rocher tucked into a nest of whipped cream on top, and the mango slush was a yellow tower with bright squares of jelly in the bottom.

The verdict?  I shouldn’t have asked for the Ferrero Rocher to be half-sweet, because it tasted watered down.  The mango, however, was perfect, though the coconut mango jelly tasted a bit artificial.  I preferred the coconut jelly at Well Tea.  Next time I go I’d like to try one of their milk teas – flavour recommendations, anyone?

My favourite thing we tried was the bubble waffle, which at first I felt indifferent to, then found myself eating faster and faster.  There were whole chunks of Oreo baked into the bulbous waffle, and it was a satisfying mix of mildy-sweet flavour + chewy/crunchy texture.

I found it especially good when dipped in the whipped cream on top of my drink, and would probably ask for some kind of dipping sauce next time.

My friend wanted to go to Daiso, so we headed to Aberdeen Centre and followed dessert with a meal.  Logic doesn’t always have to prevail.

We had a plate of curried Singaporean vermicelli rice noodles with shrimp from Leung Kee Cantonese shop in the food court.  For $6, it was more than enough for two people, and was mild, simple, and tasty.  They were generous with the shrimp, too.

As usual, Daiso was fun.  We bought tart pans with hopes of making some sort of berry dessert, which reminds me: Richmond residents, is anyone willing to share their prime blackberry-picking spots?  Pretty, pretty please?  I promise to share the recipe after...

(Photo by Emily Teel)


Bubble Queen

8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond BC (so says the map, anyway!  Go east on McKim way, and THAT’S where you’ll find it)


Cash and cards accepted


Leung Kee Cantonese

Aberdeen Centre Food Court, 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC