blue sky

It’s Friday!  The sky out there couldn’t be bluer, I’m listening to this song on repeat, and I think you should do the same.  Heck, there’s even an especially loud chorus of birds outside my window this morning.  What a good day!

In this post I’m going to share the meal my friend Shane and I had at Bubble Waffle Café, and maybe dig up a few ideas for Richmond adventuring this weekend.  Because really, if the clouds are planning to hold onto their rain, we need to take advantage of that pronto.

Bubble Waffle Cafe

Our experience at Bubble Waffle Café wasn’t exactly stellar.  It’s an extremely cramped place, and we felt sort of squished into the corner; Shane kept hitting his head on the months-old Christmas decorations wrapped around the pole behind him.  It was busy though, which is always a good sign.

Shane had never tried a bubble waffle before, so that was a must-order.  They were out of the chocolate, so we ordered the original ($3.75), and the flavour of it was startlingly similar to a fortune cookie.  It was crispy on the outside, chewy and eggy on the inside, and even though we’d intended to have it as dessert, it arrived first and we ate it before our meal.

Bubble Waffle

We shared one of their most popular dishes, which had a combination of Korean rice cakes, sui mai, and fried fish balls ($7.95).  The rice cakes were the best part – they were chewy, filling, and drizzled with teriyaki sauce and sesame sauces.  They came with multiple wooden skewers stuck into them, street food-style.  The sui mai and fish balls were just kind of ‘bouncy’ – nothing to rave about.

Bubble Waffle Cafe

I also ordered the takoyaki ($4.50) so Shane could give them a try.  I accidentally described them as “octopus balls,” and quickly switched to the more appealing description of “savoury, custard-y dumplings with octopus in them” after seeing the alarm on his face.  Covered in quivering bonito flakes, the takoyaki were pretty good, though I’d recommend letting them cool off a little longer than we did!  The custard-y interior reaches crazy hot temperatures as they cook.


I drank a half-sweet coconut slush ($4.95), and Shane opted for a half-sweet house special milk tea ($3.99).  Both were tasty, though I prefer the coconut slush from Cattle Café more.

Coconut slush at Bubble Waffle Cafe

We had a second, small dessert after our meal, called wheel cakes ($1 each).  We ordered the red bean version but they were out, so we tried the cream instead, and thought they sort of looked like wagon wheels without the chocolate.

wheel cake

The filling was like vanilla pudding, but the dough was a little tough.  Don’t bother with these –the bubble waffles are much better.

wheel cakes

Now let’s go outside!  If you’re thinking of getting out and about in Richmond this weekend, here are some sunny, salty-air ideas:

Iona Beach Regional Park:  Unbelievably, I have yet to make it here.  The park occupies the northwestern tip of Sea Island (past the airport), and is essentially a long, narrow jetty extending into the mouth of the Fraser River.  It’s flat, and offers endless views.  Iona, I’m coming for you soon!

Iona Beach

Garry Point Park:  This is where we filmed both the Ice Cream Olympics and The Steps to a Successful Steveston Picnic.  The beaches are strewn with driftwood (ie, plenty of back-rests for beach-sitters), and there are plenty of trails wrapping along the water.  Also, if it’s windy, there are bound to be a number of kites in the air.  Marnie, let’s go back!

Garry Point Park

Minoru Park:  If you’re wishing to stroll around a slightly more central place, this park is perfect.  There’s tons of grass for picnics, a track for walking, playgrounds for playing, and the picturesque Minoru Chapel to admire.

Minoru Park

Should you need a happy soundtrack for any of this, here you go.  Happy Friday, everyone!


Bubble Waffle Cafe

8131 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available