Steveston Meet and Greet

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of hanging out in Steveston, eating cupcakes, and chatting with many lovely people who read my blog over the past year.  Tourism Richmond organized a Meet and Greet at the Visitors’ Centre on Moncton, and I talked my face off, which is one of my favourite things to do.

Steveston Meet and Greet

There were plenty of amazing treats provided by Bell’s Bake Shop, Adorabelle Tea Room, Sinfully the Best, and Outpost Mini Donuts.

Earl Grey shortbread

They were served up on the very same spot where we were judging pies around this time last year.  I’ve come to associate the Steveston Visitors’ Centre with sunshine and sweetness, and that’s a very good thing.

Steveston Meet and Greet

After dessert came dinner, at Cattle Hot Pot on Alexandra Road.  My last hot pot meal of 365 was shared by my buddies Ethan and Dana, and we truly feasted.

Steveston Meet and Greet

The restaurant is comfortable and cool – they really crank the air-con!

Cattle Hot Pot

They also emphasize thoughtful ordering and discourage food waste, which I liked.

Cattle Hot Pot

We decided to split the pot between free range chicken broth and spicy Szechuan, then ordered our little hearts out.

Cattle Hot Pot broth

For $18.95 each (all you can eat), we had:

Beef balls, pork balls, two kinds of dumplings, and black fungus,

Cattle Hot Pot beef balls and dumplings

Sliced beef rib-eye and sliced lamb,

Cattle Hot Pot sliced lamb and beef

King oyster mushrooms,


Mussels, pumpkin, and taro,

mussels and pumpkin

Lettuce (which I discovered I LOVED cooked in broth!)


Watercress, and Chinese spinach.


Greens cooked in the hot pot are such a nice way to finish the meal.  We also had udon noodles, which were wonderful when tossed in a mixture of our various condiments.


The broth was very tasty, and the quality of all the ingredients was good.

hot pot

One thing to note, however, is that you pay extra for all of your condiments and sauces, so if your favourite thing about hot pot is perusing a free condiments bar, you’ll have to go elsewhere!


I felt very satiated by the end of our meal, and Ethan took this awesome photo of the aftermath:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 8.36.49 AM

We thought it looked epic and artistic, and we dubbed Dana – the messiest of the three of us – the Jackson Pollock of Hot Pot.

Big Crazy Discount Store

After we left the restaurant and were headed back to Lansdowne, we couldn’t help but have a peek in The Big Crazy Discount Store.  Over the last 362 days the questions “is it really THAT big?  Is it really THAT crazy?” have been plaguing me.  Well, now that I’ve seen the inside, I would call it big, but maybe only a little crazy.  And mainly because they had Borsch-flavoured potato chips.


There were thousands of products, including big bags of bonito flakes, sauces/oils/vinegars galore, drinks, noodles, dried squid, literal bucket-loads of rousong,


and mock beef jerky next to almond roca.  I still love going into these stores in Richmond, because there’s always something new to find.

A huge thanks to everyone who came to meet me in Steveston yesterday, and to Tourism Richmond for putting on the event.  It was SO nice to get off the internet and chat with people face to face!

Also, it was nice to eat cupcakes.  It’s always nice to eat cupcakes.

Bell's Bake Shop


Cattle Hot Pot

8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond BC


Cash only

Vegetarian and vegan options available