I typically roll with the punches, but yesterday I got punched in the face by rain.  Over and over and over again.  I made the mistake of leaving the house on my bike when the torrents had just subsided, and thought I was in the clear.  But it quickly returned, and I was forced to say goodbye to dry clothes for the rest of the day.  I got wet on the way to pick up my fixed phone, 0n the way to The Oval, on the way to eat, and on the way home.

Now I’m complaining about it, because that’s what we do here in the Lower Mainland.  I feel better already.

Ceili’s via urbanspoon.com

Besides complaining, you know what else makes a cold, wet, and hungry person feel better?  Pub food + beer.  In order to warm up and honour this weekend’s Irish Christmas Feis at The Oval, I went to Ceili’s for dinner.  Rainy skies are also pretty common in Ireland, so the choice seemed triply appropriate.

Ceili’s via urbanspoon.com

Ceili’s is a big, popular Irish pub at the corner of Westminster Highway and Alderbridge Way.  They have nightly drink specials and classic, stick-to-yer-ribs pub fare.  Also, their seafood is Ocean Wise!

Ceili’s via urbanspoon.com

I ordered myself a pint of Fuller’s London Pride (the beer list wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped, but there were some good options), and had a look at the menu.  My decision was easy, since the second I laid eyes upon the Guinness-braised short-rib grilled cheese sandwich ($15), I knew I had to have it.  The burgers, shepherd’s pie, and various other entrees all sounded great, but I’d just finished working out, and that sandwich seemed like perfection.

It was pretty darn good.  The meat inside was tender and rich, the white cheddar good and sharp, and the sourdough made crispy with butter.

I asked for half fries and house salad, but enjoyed the salad more than the fries.  They were good, but not terribly hot when they arrived at the table.  I caught glimpses of other people’s orders – burgers and fish tacos, specifically – and they also looked delish.

The pub filled up quickly around 5pm, and seemed like a fun place to spend a weekend night.  It’s also a good pre-show dinner option, since The Gateway Theatre is just nearby.

Today there’s a LOT going on in Richmond.  If you’re looking to purchase some ethically-minded gifts for Christmas, head to St. Alban’s church for the Richmond Fair Trade Fair today from 10am to 2pm.

There’s the Feis at The Oval, which includes a craft fair, dance competitions throughout the day, and the world renowned band Beoga playing tonight.

Finally, Santa is coming to town!  Today he arrives in the Steveston harbour around 1pm (by boat, no less!) and there will be plenty of festivities to welcome him.


Whether you see Santa or not, have a great weekend!


Ceili’s Irish Pub

7331 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian and gluten-free options available