Claypot Hotpot

Richard moved from New Zealand to Australia.
Richard met Suzie.
Suzie moved from Australia to Singapore.
Suzie moved from Singapore to Italy.
Lindsay moved from Canada to Italy.
Lindsay met Suzie.
Suzie moved from Italy to Colombia.
Lindsay moved back to Canada.
Richard moved from Australia to Canada.
Lindsay met Richard.

Richard at Claypot Hotpot

This *simple* chain of events led up to a hot pot meal last night with my new buddy Richard.  We’d never met prior to walking into Claypot Hot Pot, but we had our dear friend Suzie in common, and that was enough.  We talked and laughed for hours, as brand new old friends do, and stuffed our bellies with broth, meat, and vegetables.

Claypot Hotpot exterior

Claypot Hotpot and BBQ is a big, bright, and friendly restaurant on Alexandra Road, just the place to get to know someone new.

Claypot Hotpot interior

Their all-you-can-eat hot pot costs $18.95 per person, and conveniently has the option of one pot split into two broths.  This worked particularly well for us because Richard loves spicy food (my tolerance is significantly lower), and he’s gluten intolerant, so I didn’t want to pollute his broth with my boiled dumplings.  This option also caters to vegans and vegetarians, who wish to keep their side ‘free’ of certain foods.  I chose satay broth, and Richard went with the spicy Thai tom yam kung.

broth at Claypot hotpot

As with my first hot pot experience, the broth and plates of food came out incredibly quickly.  We marked down our order on a paper menu, which also included a few hot dishes that could be ordered in addition to the hot pot.

menu at Claypot hotpot

We ordered sliced pork, sliced rib eye,

sliced meats at Claypot Hotpot

sliced boneless short rib,

short rib slices at Claypot Hotpot

pork stomach, beef tripe, pork and chive dumplings, pork and fungus dumplings, assorted mushrooms, black fungus, lotus root, pumpkin, sui choy, watercress, chrysanthemum garland, beef meatballs, pork meatballs, shrimp balls, octopus,

octopus at Claypot Hotpot

fresh bean curd, and a few other things I’m probably forgetting.  In terms of portions, we ordered conservatively at first, then asked for more of what we liked.  This is a helpful approach, since you’re less likely to waste food.  We also had two glasses of that awesomely smoky plum juice.  Aside from gluten, Richard was up for anything, making him an ideal hot potting partner.

My favourite pickins’ of the night were the sliced rib eye beef, pork and chive dumplings, and the chrysanthemum garland, which I ordered simply because of their name.  They turned out to be stalky and wonderfully robust greens (pictured in center of the three pots in the image below).

Chinese greens for hotpot

I also loved the beef tripe, which held broth in its spongy surface, and the thin slices of pumpkin, which appeared to be kabocha squash.  They cooked quickly, and were richly sweet, soft, and a bit salty from the satay.  I could have eaten an entire plate’s worth.  I wasn’t as enamoured with the pork stomach, which had one too many indistinguishable folds and flaps for my liking.  It’s pictured at 12 o’clock in the image below.

platter of food at Claypot Hotpot

The one downside of the meal was that both broths were quite oily, so by the time we cooked the greens, oil clung to their surface, counteracting their health benefits a bit.  Though the satay was very flavourful, I think next time I’ll go with something simpler, like chicken or vegetable broth.

As the very first photo in this post said, WE LOVE YOU SUZ!  Thanks for the intro – Richard and I are kindred spirits, and look forward to many more shared meals in Richmond.  We also look forward to when:

Suzie flies from Colombia to Canada
Suzie visits her friends Lindsay and Richard
They all have so much fun Suzie never wants to leave.


Claypot Hotpot and BBQ

8291 Alexandra Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian and vegan options available