I’m really, really pleased to announce I’ve found more roti in Richmond.  It’s the good, flaky stuff, too.

Where?  At Coco Hut on Capstan Way, which means I’ve now eaten four madly-moreish versions in Richmond:

There’s the ridiculously flaky stuff at Kari House:

The gorgeous rolls at Tropika:

The small, neatly-cut squares at Mui Garden:

And this latest grilled goodness at Coco Hut, a Singaporean restaurant in the shopping complex behind Yaohan Centre.

It’s a small restaurant, and while the service wasn’t particularly friendly, the food was inexpensive and brought out quickly.  We tried the roti ($3 for two pieces), laksa ($6.75), curry chicken with prata bread ($7.55), and satay tofu ($6.45).

The roti came out first and we devoured it.  Though the curry sauce didn’t compare to Mui Garden’s (which still holds the top spot for sauce), the bread at Coco Hut ranked pretty high.  One order is technically enough for two people, but I think we could have easily eaten another.  Actually, I would have been happy to just order four plates of it and call it a meal.

The laksa was full of noodles, chicken, prawns, bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg, and slices of fish cake, and had just the right amount of spice.  I would have preferred the broth to have a richer coconut flavour, but it was pretty good, especially the chicken.

I was thrown off when the satay tofu arrived at the table, because the name made me think it would be a vegetarian version of the pork or chicken satay skewers.  Instead, it was tahu goreng – a huge plate of deep-fried tofu topped with bean sprouts and chunky peanut sauce.

The delicately-fried tofu was similar to agedashi tofu, but for this dish I actually prefer it to be a little firmer and crunchier.  The peanut sauce was excellent though, and I spooned it off to eat with everything on the table.  Though it’s listed under appetizers, this is a good entree choice for vegetarians.

The chicken curry was spicy and rich but full of bones, so I found it difficult to eat.  With a small dish like that, it’s much easier if they’ve already shredded the chicken off the bones ahead of time.

The curry was served with a plate of grilled prata bread – Coco Hut’s version looked just like the ones from Prata Man, so I used that photo again – it’s one of my favourites!  These flatbreads were REALLY good, and paired well with every other dish on the table.

Coco Hut isn’t the best Singaporean/Malaysian food in Richmond, but it’s a good option if you’re in the Yaohan Mall area and craving roti or laksa.  The restaurant’s name also inspired me to bake my first coconut cake!

I’ve become the unofficial cake-maker for my friends’ birthdays, and it’s a position I love.  For Dana’s birthday, I tried out Bobby’s Flay’s toasted coconut cake; it was a rather finicky recipe to make, but it was sweet, lush, and totally worth the time.  Late last night we ate the cake and sipped Glenlivet, which proved to be a fine combo indeed.

Happy Birthday Dana!  And Happy Weekend to all.

Coco Hut

8328 Capstan Way, Richmond BC


Cash only

Vegetarian options available