Last night was all about Danny’s and Daniel.  Danny’s Wun Tun House and Daniel Craig, to be specific.  My friends Janine, Stephen and I decided to do a Sunday night dinner-and-a-movie, because who doesn’t want braised tofu with extreme motorcycle chases and exploding Scottish manors?  No one, that’s who.

We decided on Danny’s Wun Tun House in the Ironwood Plaza, because it’s relatively close to the SilverCity complex, and Janine and Stephen said they were in the mood for Chinese.  Danny’s is an interesting place, as it combines ‘authentic’ and ‘western-style’ dishes on a menu aimed at pleasing everyone.  That includes the chow mein/sweet and sour pork crowd, as well as those who might prefer “beef guts in soup” (an option on their menu) or something a little spicier.  The clientele was a mixture of Caucasian and Chinese customers, and the atmosphere was very friendly.  Our hostess, for example, was a happy, joke-making delight, and an entire wall in their entrance way was covered with customers’ positive, pen-written comments.  They obviously have a loyal following.

We ordered a small order of wonton soup, as well as beef lettuce wraps, spicy chicken with green peppers and peanuts, braised tofu with broccoli, and two kinds of BBQ (duck and soya chicken) with tossed noodles.  With a side of steamed rice, our bill came to $57 altogether.

The wonton soup was ok.  The pork and shrimp inside were quite tender, but the outside was a little over-cooked.  Good, but not remarkable.

The lettuce wraps were a hit, with finely-diced beef, water chesnuts, and little bits of fried wonton for crunch.  With the side of hoisin sauce drizzled on top, these were fresh, savoury, and satisfying.

The spicy chicken dish spicy, or at least my weak tongue thought so.  The chicken and peppers were nicely-cooked, but I’d have preferred it if they’d fried or toasted the peanuts, which were pale and plain.  With a toasted flavour and crunch, the peanuts could have taken this dish from decent to great.

The braised tofu came with steamed broccoli and slices of carrot.  The tofu was soft and custard-like on the inside, similar to the kind used for Japanese agedashi tofu.  It had been cut into rounds, quickly deep-fried, and braised in a light sauce.  I loved the vegetables, but found the dish was excessively oily, probably from the tofu.

The tossed noodles with BBQ’d pork and soya chicken were standard.  They came with broth to loosen the noodles if we needed it, and the meat was flavourful, though pretty heavy with bones.  I realize that’s a natural part of the BBQ experience, but I think next time we’d go for the shredded duck, which comes bone free and would be a more pleasant to eat tossed with the noodles.

I wasn’t thrilled with the food as Danny’s, but it had an inviting and warm atmosphere, and isn’t a bad choice for a pre-movie meal.  While it’s certainly not what many people in Richmond would consider ‘authentic,’ I think because of their location, they’ve made a wise business decision to ride the line between authentic and western styles.  Judging by the crowd in there last night, it’s working for them.

Speaking of crowds, that’s exactly what we came across at the colossal Silver City movie complex at Entertainment Way.  They have something like 476 theatres (ok, perhaps it’s 19 + an IMAX) and concession stands that appeared to be about 12 times larger than my house.

We’d purchased our tickets for Skyfall ahead of time, which meant we could avoid the lines, but it’s still a good idea to get there early.  Once inside the theatre, it’s every movie-goer for themselves, with people pouncing on seats as though their lives depended on it.  Get there ahead of time, claim some seats, then snack on chocolate and make fun of the pre-movie ads and features.  Anyone else completely thrown by that Megan Fox commercial where she’s talking to dolphins?  WHAT WAS THAT?

I haven’t been to a movie for months, and haven’t been to a James Bond movie for years.  Janine was disappointed with it – she wanted more gadgets and 007 cheekiness – but I was quite entertained.  They’ve certainly made Bond’s character more dark and complex, and sometimes I just wanted to give the poor guy a hug.  You know, to make him feel better AND feel his muscles.

As a die-hard fan of creepy old buildings, my favourite part of the movie was Skyfall itself, Bond’s childhood home.

That, and the panoramic shots of Scotland’s fiercely barren landscape were enough for me.

Have you been to Danny’s or seen Skyfall?  I’d love to know your thoughts on both!


Danny’s Wun Tun House

11666 Steveston Highway, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available