Today I turn 28!  A year ago at this time I was vying for this job, campaigning so hard it was as if the future of cake depended on it.

Fortunately, I got the job AND cake still exists, and as I’ve said many times over the months, I actually couldn’t have done it without my friends.  Last year for my birthday, a whole crew of them were over at my house helping me make this!  Oh the memories…

Watching this again has made me want to eat a cake with my hands.  Why didn’t Marnie and I do that with the cake she made me?  Forks are so conservative.  Also, watching this has reminded me there are still some things on the Richmond “To Do” list.

I had my big Richmond B-Day dinner last weekend at Tramonto (Remember the sturgeon?) and today I’ll be talking dimsum, then probably eating more of it tomorrow with the #TweetEatRichmond crew who arrived from Seattle last night.  We’ll be eating at some of my favourite 365 restaurants, to which I can now add a new one – Dragon View.

Dragon View exterior

My new friend Joanne joined me there for a dim sum lunch, and like Wo Fung Noodle Express, I had a hard time finding it despite the fact I’d probably passed it a thousand times.  It’s in the mall at Cambie and Sexsmith, on the second floor of one of the buildings, which apparently means I don’t look up enough.

Dragon View Restaurant
The interior of Dragon View is expansive and bright, with chandeliers made of hundreds of hanging white circles I wanted to run my hands through.  The staff were incredibly welcoming and attentive.

Dragon View Restaurant
We ordered a few standard dishes, and a couple that were new to us.

The stir-fried choi sum ($7.95) was a slight departure from my usual ‘greens’ order, gai lan.  I found the stringy choi sum was IMPOSSIBLE to eat gracefully however, and trust me, I usually eat my greens looking like Grace Kelly.

choi sum
I don’t really.  But still, they were very stringy and therefore tough to bite through cleanly.  Despite my clumsy consumption of the choi sum, it was still nice to have some veg on the table!

The pan-fried taro cakes ($4.69) were an interesting departure from radish cakes.  They still had bits of preserved meat, and the fresh taro had been shredded, baked into a ‘cake,’ cut into squares, and pan-fried.  It was a touch sweet from the taro, different from the oh so-savoury radish cakes, and had a meaty texture.

taro cakes
The two mushrooms with deep-fried bean curd sheet ($7.95) was one of our favourite dishes.  The thread-like enoki mushrooms and chopped Chinese mushrooms were mixed with a sauce and spooned over crunchy, golden-fried ribbons of the tofu sheets.  It was one seriously textural experience, and we both loved it.

deep-fried bean curd sheet with two kinds of mushrooms
While the har gow ($4.69, steamed shrimp dumplings) were quite large and a little on the soft side, the shrimp filling was excellent.

har gow
One dish combined two things I’d had before, but never together.  The steamed rice roll with BBQ pork ($5.39) had chopped BBQ pork and corn inside a soft white sheet of glutinous rice, with two stalks of (what I think was more choi sum?) on the side.

rice roll with BBQ pork

I liked this more than any other rice roll dish I’ve had so far – the BBQ’d pork was just right – firm enough to add textural contrast to the rice but still tender – and I liked the addition of the corn.

rice roll with bbq pork
The most interesting dish of the meal, and one which I’ve certainly not had before, was the steamed rice noodle with tendon strips ($5.69).  It was striking in appearance – a honey golden stew and translucent rice noodles, which caught the light and seemed to glow.

steamed rice noodle with tendon strip

The sauce on top included not just tendon but also honeycomb tripe, and was sweet and garlicky.  The combination of soft and chewy textures took me a while to get used to, but ultimately I really liked it.

steamed rice noodles with tendon strips
We held off on dessert, and headed back out into the sunshine with plenty of leftovers.

A helpful hint with the Dragon View menu (and with many other dim sum menus around Richmond): at the top of the sheet, there will be letters with prices listed next to them.  These letters can be found next to each of the dishes listed below, indicating their prices.  Usually the less expensive dishes are listed on the left side of the menu, and the more expensive dishes on the right, with larger dishes on the back.

With sunshine in the forecast, I hope everyone has a bright, happy weekend.  I’m off to meet the #TweetEatRichmond crew, then some of these folks!




Dragon View Restaurant

3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available