Here we are, at sixty-five days already.  Sixty-five posts under my (still reasonably comfortable) belt, and as I make that dip under the three hundred mark, I’m realizing I’m over 1/7 done.  I’m not sure if I have that math right….?  Anyways, it’s still a shocking number of days.

How did I choose to celebrate?  By going for Greek with my buds Dana and Dymetha.  At 5pm I still hadn’t decided where we should go, but suddenly I was overcome by a craving for bread and cheese, and that was it.  We would seek saganaki at Felicos.

Felicos is a large, modern Mediterranean restaurant located on Leslie Road.  A server arrived at our table to first receive an order for glasses of piney Greek retsina ($6.50), and saganaki ($10.95).

This classic dish is simple, and one of my favourite things to eat.  Why?  Because all they do is take a thick slice of cheese (kefalotiri, to be exact), batter it very lightly, fry it in olive oil until it’s melted but holds its form, then squeeze fresh lemon juice over it.  Lemon is as vital to this dish as butter is to popcorn, and in my world, saganaki is comfort food at its best.  Felicos do it beautifully, though their pita bread was whole wheat, and while there are some things I prefer to keep healthy, pita bread is not one of them.  Neither Dana nor Dymetha had tried this dish before, so I was pleased to introduce Dym to her first piece of fried Greek cheese before she heads home to Australia tomorrow.  Bon voyage Dym!  Come back soon and tell your Aussie mates about Richmond!

We also ordered Felicos moussaka ($16.95), a layered casserole made, zucchini, eggplant, and ground beef, crowned by a thick layer of nutmeg-spiced béchamel.

It was wonderful, not too oily as moussaka can sometimes can be, and full of warming flavours.  It came with a roast potato, rice, and Greek salad.

We also tried the Combo Plate ($18.95) which included humous and tzatziki, dolmades, keftedes, spanikopita, and garlic butter prawns.  We substituted the prawns for the kalamari, making it pretty much the exact same platter we had at Mad Greek; I wanted to compare the two.

Felicos had better humous and dolmades, but Mad Greek won by a long shot when it came to the spanikopita (theirs was way cheesier).  I also liked Mad Greek’s keftedes more, though that’s entirely based on personal preference; while I thought the keftedes at Felicos weren’t meaty enough because they had spinach mixed in, Dana liked them for exactly that reason.  The tzatziki tasted pretty much the same at both places, as did the prawns.

We shared these two mains between the three of us, and it was more than enough food.  If you’re up for something more substantial, however, there are plenty of pasta, lamb, steak, chicken, and seafood entrees also on the menu.

We finished with a single order of baklava ($4.95), which was sort of disappointing.  It came out warm (not at room temperature, which I prefer), the phyllo was too doughy, and it wasn’t spiced strongly enough.  Suddenly I’ve realized I’m an incredibly picky eater of baklava.

I’m sort of fascinated by phyllo, the paper-thin dough typical in Greek, near Eastern, and Middle Eastern cuisines.  Here’s a demonstration of a Greek phyllo master stretching it by hand, a task now mostly taken over by machines.  Though the video doesn’t show it, he eventually stretched that one circle of dough so large and thin it hung over the edges of the table.

(ps – sorry for the terrible quality of the video).

Despite my pickiness about the baklava, Felicos turned out to be another great option for upscale Mediterrean food in Richmond.  It had a slightly more formal atmosphere than Mad Greek, and proved yet again you don’t have to get on a plane to take a culinary trip.  Now if only we could convince that old phyllo maker to move to Richmond…..

After dinner, we went to Dairy Queen for celebratory blizzards.  6500 calories for 65 days!  Happy anniversary dear readers, and thanks for having stuck with me this far.

Cheers to the next 300.


Felicos Restaurant

8140 Leslie Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available