Marnie and I at the Holiday Inn

It’s time for another STAYCAAAAATION!  Last night, my friend Marnie and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport.  As has become tradition with my Richmond staycations, we ate dinner, put on robes, and lounged like we’ve never lounged before.  What else would we WANT to do?

Fogg n Suds interior
We had dinner at Fogg n’ Suds, the restaurant attached to the hotel.  They have incredibly friendly service, an enormous beer list, and a pretty traditional pub menu.  They also have the biggest entrée I’ve seen so far in Richmond.

Fogg n Suds beer list

We started with sea salted, parmesan, and truffle oil fries, which came with a chipotle aioli ($7).  They were really good, though I couldn’t really taste the truffle oil.  Still, I’ll be happy with fries coated in freshly-grated parmesan any day.

parmesan truffle oil fries at Fogg n Suds
Our second appetizer was the coconut shrimp with sweet Thai sauce ($8.50); they were tasty, and satisfied our need for more deep-fry crunch.

Coconut Shrimp at Fogg n Suds
We countered the first two dishes with a house green salad ($6).  Well-played, I know.

green salad from Fogg n Suds
After many minutes spent hovering over the extensive beer list, I eventually decided on an American stout, the Double Stout Black Ale ($6.95) from Green Flash Brewing Co. in California to be precise.  It was phenomenal – dark and strong, with tastes of roasted malt, bitter chocolate, and coffee.  This is a beer to be enjoyed slowly, and preferably while laughing with a good friend.

Green Flash Brewing Double Stout
If you’re a beer nerd and interested in seeing the Green Flash bottling process, here’s a charming little video that shows you!

Now, onto our giant main course.  When we saw the Fogg n’ Suds burger ($17) on the menu, with its handmade beef patty, cheddar and provolone cheeses, sautéed mushrooms and peppers, bacon, fried egg, and onion rings, it was settled.  We must have it.  Our server warned us it would be big, and she wasn’t kidding.

Fogg n Suds burger
Surprisingly, we were able to cut it in half quite cleanly and eat it with our hands.  Each half was the size of a regular burger, and neither of us could finish.  The patty was nicely grilled, the bacon crisp, there was a generous amount of cheese, the onion rings added crunch, and the sauteed mushrooms and peppers stayed in there quite well.  The bun was brioche-like (sort of sweet), and the egg just brought it all together –  I love burgers with a fried egg.  The Caesar salad (which we had instead of fries) was also good – garlicky, and with lots of grated parmesan.

We ordered our dessert – the Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha Avalanche ($7) – to go, and took it upstairs to eat.  It was just as mountainous as the burger, with layers of chocolate ice cream, mocha ice cream, peanut butter, a cookie crumb crust, chocolate sauce, and sliced almonds.  Yum.  We noshed until we could nosh no more, then relaxed, watched an episode of Bored to Death, and fell into a deep, deep slumber.

dessert from Fogg n' Suds

Thanks so much to the incredible team at the Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel for hosting us – we had a wonderful time.  To top it off, when we opened up the blinds this morning, this was the day that greeted us:


There’s so much vitamin D to be had, so many mountains to explore (literally, or in the form of a burger – your choice).  Either way, enjoy this beautiful day.


Fogg n’ Suds Restaurant at The Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel

10720 Cambie Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available

** Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner