“ENOUGH, Lindsay!  No more tree pictures!”  This was the scolding I eventually gave myself while cycling around Richmond yesterday.  I kept stopping to photograph the sun-gilded trees, only to stumble upon another, even more golden set.  This exceptional weather has made me terribly inefficient.

I did have a plan for the day, however: get my post up, workout at The Oval, and get a sandwich from Fraser Delicatessen on McKim.  I came across this deli a few weeks ago on my way home from another restaurant, and was thrilled with my discovery.

It’s filled with meats, cheeses, and European imports – all things that make me very happy indeed.  It also seemed timely since Oktoberfest is upon us!

The deli has been around since 1955, and used to be located in south Vancouver (hence the name).  The current owner, a lovely Polish woman named Agnes, has run the shop for three years.  A year ago, after discovering the majority of her patrons were actually from Richmond, she moved it to McKim Way.  Just as the city’s Russian immigrants go to Gastronom Deli, Fraser Delicatessen is a hub for German, Polish, and various other European folks looking for a taste from home.

Agnes sells various deli meats, cheeses, dried and canned goods, sweets, frozen perogies, and plenty of foreign newspapers.

The best deal in the shop are the sandwiches; for just $5, you can pick from anything she has in her deli case.  Your choices of meat and cheese go into a kaiser bun with tomato, pickle, mayo, and mustard.

I asked for the German salami and Butterkäse (a mild, creamy cheese) with the works.  It was enormous.  And just crazily satisfying.  I would particularly recommend these sandwiches to anyone with perpetually-hungry teenaged children.

I ate the sandwich in a small courtyard I discovered just a few doors down from the deli.  It was quiet and serene – a nice escape.

In addition to the sandwich, I picked up a package of Dutch Speculaas cookies, which are one of my favourite things to dip in tea.  They’re crunchy biscuits spiced with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom.  I adore them.

I also bought two bags of frozen homemade perogies, opting for potato + bacon and sweetened cottage cheese.  I tried the savoury ones for dinner last night, and they were excellent.  Agnes recommended eating the sweet ones with syrup or fruit sauce – I have homemade concord grape jelly that I’m going to try with mine.

Finally, I took home four Polish chocolates that recently arrived in the shop; my favourite was the one at the bottom right, which was filled with some sort of nutty, chocolate deliciousness.

Fraser Delicatessen is a place you can go to explore ‘foreign’ goods, or just to pickup well-priced salami, ham, turkey, cheese, perogies, and the meatiest sandwiches you’ll find in Richmond.

You’re also likely to find a gorgeous tree or two on the way there.



Fraser Delicatessen

8788 McKim Way, Richmond BC

Cash and cards accepted