After 283 days in Richmond, I’ve finally found a place to get a big ol’ plate of perogies, cabbage rolls, and garlic sausage.  I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks for putting me on to the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko, Lulu Lady!

Richmond Ukrainian Centre

On the third week of every month, the society hosts Friday Night Family Suppers at their community hall on Francis Road, and they are popular.

Here’s how it works: diners can show up anytime between 5pm and 7:30pm, and are given a menu with a variety of dinner options with varying amounts of perogies, cabbage rolls, sausage, Chef’s Special (which changes monthly), borscht, salad, and dessert.  There are also a number of kids’ options for $5 or $5.75.

Friday Night Family Supper

Once you’ve made your decision, a volunteer will highlight your choices on a menu, which you’ll take to the cash table and pay (cash only).  Next you’ll head to the serving station, where more volunteers are dishing up the food.

Friday Night Family Supper

Then, with your dinner in hand, Fran (the society’s volunteer coordinator and Friday Supper hostess) will help you find a seat.

Ukrainian Community Hall

Tables are communal, so you’re likely to end up chatting with some friendly folks from the neighbourhood, just as I did.  I sat with Karen and Wes, a lovely couple who live in Steveston.

Friday Night Family Supper

I opted for the Regular Supper with Chef’s Choice ($9.50); it had five perogies, 2 cabbage rolls, the Chef’s Choice (which last night was meatballs in gravy), and I added on a piece of garlic sausage for $2.50, just so I could give everything a try.  I asked for my meal in a to-go container since I knew I’d likely take some home, and helped myself to sour cream, mustard, pickles, and pickled beets.

perogie supper

They also offer homemade dessert (last night’s were apple crumble and bumbleberry pie) for $2.50, and have a bar service with wine and beer for 3 bucks a pop.  What!  A!  Deal!

pie and apple crumble

This meal was just the hearty, comforting kind of food I needed on a rainy Friday night.  The perogies and cabbage rolls were fantastic,

homemade cabbage rolls

as were the meatballs in a super-savoury, mushroom gravy.

meatballs in gravy

I wasn’t even terribly hungry when I began eating, yet I ended up finishing most of it.  Because I’d helped myself to one too many cinnamon buns earlier in the day, I held off on the dessert.  Karen let me take a picture of her bumbleberry pie, however, which was served with freshly whipped cream and looked wonderful.

bumbleberry pie

The society also has a lending library, puts on Ukrainian dance lessons, organizes a variety of annual events, and each weekend hosts their popular “Saturday Sales” at which they sell their homemade perogies and cabbage rolls.  These two classic Ukrainian foods are prepared each Tuesday (perogies) and Thursday (cabbage rolls) by volunteers, and everything is done from scratch.  Penny, who has just recently stepped down after several decades of running the society’s kitchen, told me they make the dough; peel, boil, and mash the potatoes, use real cheddar, and seal every last perogie by hand.


I was very curious to know what kind of quantities they need to produce in order to feed one Friday Night Supper crowd, which can be as big as 300 people, or even more on an especially busy night.  Penny told me they make 200 dozen perogies (that’s 2400) and 540 cabbage rolls – that is A LOT of dough, potatoes, cheddar, cabbage, and rice.

cabbage rolls

Thank you to all the people at the community hall last night who made me feel so welcome, and to the staff and volunteers who put on such a spectacular meal!

staff and volunteers at Ukrainian Community Centre

This is food doing good things – bringing the community together, helping raise funds, and filling hungry bellies.  As if wishing to join in on the convivial spirit, the sky even behaved itself while I was having supper, and I was treated to this rain-free, warmly orange sky as I made my way home.

Richmond sunset

Sour cream-covered perogies make everything better.

Friday Night Family Supper

Friday Night Suppers at Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko

The 3rd Friday of every month

5311 Francis Road, Richmond BC


Cash only

Vegetarian options available